Sacred Feminine Goddess Circle

Goddess Activation: Queen Mother of the West
8 March 2019, Byron Bay Special


Is your inner goddess ready to come out and play?
Reveal your powerful feminine through a unique combination of sacred rituals, mystical dance, ceremony,
tantric practices and celebration. 

Sacred Feminine Goddess Circle (Byron Bay Special)

Sacred Date: 8 March 2019

Sacred Time:  7-9pm  

Location: 4 Orara Ct, Byron Bay NSW 2481

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"The future of the world depends on the full restoration of the sacred feminine in all its tenderness, passion, divine ferocity, and surrendered persistence."
-Andrew Harvey

Join Anjali Love for her special offering of a Sacred Feminine Goddess circle while she is staying in Byron Bay this week.

This workshop is dedicating to feminine empowering at the time of change.

For this Friday's special circle, Anjali will channel the Queen Mother of the West (also known as Xi Wang Mu), the keeper of the eternal Tao, the goddess of righteousness and the giver of prosperity.

She is an extremely important goddess in modern Taoism, as the guardian of the Tao itself, she is also ancient; she predates any of the formally organised Chinese religions, and inscriptions on ancient artifacts suggest that she may have been worshipped as far back as 4000 years ago.

Lao Tzu, the taoist master and father of Tao Te Ching is often said to have received it from Queen Mother of the West herself.

She is regarded as the highest Divine Feminine Yin deity in ancient Chinese mythology.


This Sacred Feminine Circle will help you to awaken your feminine power and beauty, and creative potential, clearing emotional blockages and empower you with the essentials of creative manifesting, and to help you embody the highest level of unconditional self-love, fierce compassion so you will not be afraid to speak up your boundaries.

You will also discover your Mystical Dancer as she unveils herself through various kinds of dance.
(*All dance levels are welcome as we focus on the energetics and transformational qualities of movement rather than strict technique.)

Your divine muse will be rekindled after this gathering.
You will feel rooted in your feminine essence and creative potential.

Your feminine essence will shine forward, you will feel energized, inspired, sensual, revitalised and loved.

A sacred feminine circle is also a safe & non-judgmental space for us to reveal the wild woman within, to express ourselves freely, to release our suppressed emotions, our vulnerability,
allow our true self to be seen, to be acknowledged,
and to hold space for each other.

*Women, men and non-binary are all welcome. We are working with the feminine energy which resides within all of us, so it is non-gender specific.

We have been living in a world that is mainly dominated by masculine energy and I am guided by the Ascended Master to make this circle available for all genders so everyone can be more in touch with their feminine energy as the divine feminine exists within everybody.


About the facilitator: Anjali Love

Anjali Love is an international sacred feminine and tantra teacher, multidiscplinary artist, author, mystic poetess, spiritual guide & visionary. A multidimensional being, a lightworker and an artist of life.

Coming from the Soul lineage of Goddesses and high priestesses, she dedicates her life to serve the Goddess through various mediums and creative processes. She facilitates transformational workshops and retreats around the world, offers online course and coaching and teaches at conscious international festivals.

Her soul purpose is here to serve Truth, to serve Love, to serve the Awakening of humanity. It is her vision to share these ancient sacred practices with as many people as possible.



What Participants Say:


"What a lovely lovely session Anjali. Thank you very much.
It was mind blowing and a heart awakening session for me."

~ Venkat


"I found Sacred Feminine Circle and Tantra workshop so uplifting and magical.
Anjali is an amazing teacher and you instantly feel her authentic spiritual energy.
Her wisdom, knowledge and softly spoken voice is like beautiful tapestry.
I am truly blessed that I met her at this point in my life. 
I finally worked out how to love myself which has been a huge struggle for me.
I cannot wait for the opportunity to meet with Anjali again. Highly recommended!"

~ Connie

Investment for your feminine essence: $55 (online), $60 (at door)

If you can’t make it to this one, you can also join her online sacred feminine circle waitlist here

♥ With unconditional love & infinite blessings from the Goddess ♥


Tantra of the Heart

Introductory (Melb): Sunday 2 Dec


“Tantra accepts everything, lives everything.” 
- Osho



Tantra of the Heart (Melbourne) 

Sacred Date:  Sunday, 2nd Dec

Sacred Time: 3-5 pm

Location: Prana House 885 High St,
Thornbury VIC 3071

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“Tantra is about truly loving and embracing all of life, and through this love remembering our essence, the divine. Tantra is a life path." - Osho

Join Anjali Love for a heart-based workshop to explore what Tantra truly is. In this workshop, you will have a taste of what Tantra is. You will learn about

Expanding your consciousness and capacity to give and receive love and bring the sacredness into all aspects of your life;
Genuine and authentic connections and how to consciously communicate with your partner, holding space for each other without compromising your individuality & integrity. 
Overcoming limiting beliefs, social conditioning around your sexuality. 
• Harnessing and channelling sexual energy for spiritual growth, healing and experience transcendental love. 
• Finding the grounded still point of presence within yourself
• Expanding your consciousness and capacity to give and receive love and bring the sacredness into all aspects of your life

We will combine tantra, movement medicine, meditation, conscious touch, ceremony, energy work, sharing circles to help you to remove blockages, to expand and to connect. 

All is heart centred, deeply honouring, consensual, clothed and conscious.

* This workshop is open to all genders and sexual orientation over 18. It is not required you have a partner for this workshop. Both singles and couples are welcome. 

Investment for your heart expansion: $88 book online ($90 at door)

What Participants Say: 

"Anjali’s Tantra of the Heart introductory workshop was truly wonderful. Wonderful because it allowed me to broaden my understanding, explore, have fun and to let go of any misconceptions I had about Tantra.  I felt so safe, trusted and honoured by Anjali throughout. The workshop was full of joy, was very releasing and I felt 100% safe to just be myself. Each exercise taught me, how simple Tantra can be if I let it and how deep it can go if I’m willing. I learnt that I am always in control.  I highly recommend this workshop for anyone interested in knowing more and perhaps expanding what they know about themselves. Thank you Anjali for creating such a beautiful experience."

- Erin Brass, Australia 



Sacred Time: 7-9pm

Sacred Location: Summerhealing Yoga Brunswick Studio
(1/30-32 Sydney Road, Brunswick VIC 3065)

Sacred Date: Saturday, 24th November 2018

Rumi: The Path of Love (Sufi Whirling Joyshop)

“Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find all the barriers
within yourself that you have built against it.”
– Rumi

Join us for two magical hours of mystical and heart-opening journey. 

We will share the divine love poetry by the beloved Rumi, dancing with the Divine and learn the esoteric Sufi whirling technique, one of the most ancient meditative techniques.

Experiencing the profound effect of Rumi’s dance on your heart, body and mind, the one that opens new doors within you.

We will also learn the wisdom of the heart, to help us to rise above our thoughts and deal with challenges life throw at us with ease, to create Soul-centred and Heart- based living. 

What past participants Say:

"It was a truly amazing experience for me.
The environment was great and the dance was absolutely fantastic.
I have been practising myself since then.
I never forget that and definitely I see you again in your classes. 
Thank you for being such a kind and nice person in the world and
thank you for transferring Rumi's poems and spirit to the world. 

- Sara Eshraghi

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