"I found Sacred Feminine Circle and Tantra workshop so uplifting and magical. Anjali is an amazing teacher and you instantly feel her authentic spiritual energy. Her wisdom, knowledge and softly spoken voice is like beautiful tapestry. I am truly blessed that I met her at this point in my life. I finally worked out how to love myself which has been a huge struggle for me. I cannot wait for the opportunity to meet with Anjali again. Highly recommended!"


"Anjali’s Tantra of the Heart introductory workshop was truly wonderful. Wonderful because it allowed me to broaden my understanding, explore, have fun and to let go of any misconceptions I had about Tantra. I felt so safe, trusted and honoured by Anjali throughout. The workshop was full of joy, was very releasing and I felt 100% safe to just be myself. Each exercise taught me, how simple Tantra can be if I let it and how deep it can go if I’m willing. I learnt that I am always in control. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone interested in knowing more and perhaps expanding what they know about themselves. Thank you Anjali for creating such a beautiful experience."

Erin Brass

"It was a truly amazing expeirence for me. The environment was great and the dance was absolutely fantastic. I have been practicisng myself since then. I never forget that and definitely I see you again in your classes. Thank you for being such a kind and nice person in the world and thank you for transfering Rumi's poems and spirit to the world."

Sara Eshragi

"Hello Anjali Love! Thank you so much for sharing your presence with me. The circle changed my life overnight haha but more inner life and gave me so much faith and power back that I almost didnt know what to do with it."

Samantha Firmani

“Wow words can’t even begin to explain how amazingly magical this retreat was! There were many mixed emotions that came to surface good and bad. I worked through things I had buried deep and found a new kind of love for myself, learnt a lot and had so much fun while doing it! Highly recommend!”

Nicole Cooper (participant of Anjali's 5-day Goa Sacred Feminine Tantra Immersion Goddess Retreat)

“If you are looking to fall in love with yourself and awaken the goddess within you, Anjali has the tools and safe space to do so. I have never felt more in touch with myself and my truth. This retreat was amazing, the support, love and guidance was all I needed to unlock my inner goddess and connect with my truth. Just bloody do it, is what I would want to hear if I was questioning. You will not regret it.”

Courtney Brass (participant of Anjali's 5-day Goa Sacred Feminine Tantra Immersion Goddess Retreat)

"My experience from attending Tantra of the Heart and Sacred Feminine Circle have been quite heart expanding. I had no expectations and went with an open mind, leaving both workshops filled with love and wisdom. Anjali helped me to open my eyes to how deeply we can connect with others and ourselves if we are present in the moment and open for it. I felt safe to be my authentic raw self and to express myself more freely. Thank you Anjali for sharing this with me."

Sara Maria

"What a lovely lovely session Anjali. Thank you very much. It was mind blowing and a heart awakening session for me."