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Let me guess why you are here

(so glad you find us!)

  • You are searching for a deeper meaning in life

  • You feel there is something missing or/and something more to the life you are currently living

  • Craving a deeper connection to your spirit and finding your divine purpose

  • Tired of waiting for someone else to come and rescue you

  • Tired of self- sabotaging or deeply ingrained negative habits that do not serve you in your growth

  • A desire to be more aligned and centred in your Being - mind, body & spirit

  • Have a deeper knowledge of the self, to be clear, confident and conscious in all your life choices

  • Ready to step into your truest and highest expression of yourself, to be who you truly are

  • Ready to unlock your Divine Feminine potential, want to feel motivated, inspired and completely in love with life!

  • A longing for a tribe of Divine Feminine that will have your back and support you no matter where you are

Does any of the above resonate?


The World Needs Your Unique Expression
You are a gift to this planet
We Need Your Voice.
We Need Your Light.
We Need Your Power.


The Sacred Feminine Circle is divinely created for YOU. Anjali channels from the Divine Feminine from different lineages. All these Goddesses, Dakinis & High Priestesses are here to support us on our awakening journey and to help us embody our highest self in this human existence.



What You will Get

  • Monthly Online Live Sacred Feminine Circle with Anjali Love

    - we will work with one particular Goddess’s energy for each month with guided meditation, tantric work, mystical dance to help us clear emotional blockages on our journey of creative manifestation

  • Incredible support in our private facebook group so you can get the most out of the monthly teaching; Q & A sessions about Goddess teaching

    Other Benefits

  • Your divine muse will be rekindled after each gathering

  • You will feel deeply rooted in your feminine essence and creative potential

  • Your feminine essence will shine forward, you will feel energized, inspired, sensual, revitalised and loved. 

  • You will feel motivated and inspired by your global network of Shaktis

  • Higher activated intuition to guide you on your soul journey, so you can learn to trust your inner-knowing



Join our Global Goddess Circle


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Why you'll love it

✓ Reason #1
Find Trust & Surrender into the unknown, Learn to Transition into change with ease and grace through Divine Feminine teaching, guided meditations and sacred practices

✓ Reason #2
 Gain the tools to thrive no matter what life hands you through embodiment of goddess archetypes

✓ Reason #3
 Explore your Sensuality Consciously through Tantric Teachings

✓ Reason #4
 Learn to treat your body and entire being as a sacred vessel of the universe through intentional ceremonial practices

✓ Reason #5
  Discover your unique expression and explore the rhythms of your body through mystical dance
✓ Reason #6
 Find A deeper Connection to yourself through Soul Journaling & Reflection



You will receive


Divine Feminine activation, Goddess initiation & Goddess teaching from different lineages

Embodying your Higher Self, staying aligned with your Soul Purpose

Authentic expression, connection & how to manifest your soulmate love

Healing past wounds & trauma

✔ A wide range of meditation practices & mystical dance

✔ Unleash your orgasmic state: Explore the infinite potential of your orgasmic being

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Meet your Goddess guide



Anjali Love is a mystic poetess, international sacred feminine and tantra teacher, spiritual guide & visionary. A multidimensional being, a lightworker and an artist of life, she is fully guided by the Divine to accelerate the awakening of humanity on this earthly existence. 

Coming from the Soul lineage of Goddesses and Dakinis, she dedicates her life to serve the Goddess through various mediums and creative processes. She facilitates transformational workshops and retreats around the world, offers online course and spiritual guidance. She is also the creatrix of a number of conscious festivals and events such as the Melbourne Tantra Festival and Melbourne Ecstatic Festival and Ecstatic Dance Melbourne and Melbourne Goddess Festival (coming soon).

Her soul purpose is here to serve Truth, to serve Love, to serve the Awakening of Humanity. It is her vision to share these ancient sacred practices with as many people as possible.


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