A Sacred Spiritual Pilgrimage, Adventure and Mystical Retreat Combined

* Sacred Date: 15 Sep - 23 Sep, 2018 

(Spring equinox and full moon portal)


An adventure of a lifetime,  A retreat like no others.

Tantra, Mystical Dance, Shamanic Sound healings

Yoga, meditation and many more... 

A day tour in lima, Machu Picchu, Maras Salt Mines... 


Join Anjali Love during the spring equinox and full moon portal for a sacred spiritual pilgrimage, once-in-a-lifetime adventure and mystical retreat to Mama Peru.

Discover the majestic heritage of Peru, exploring colonial Lima, the markets and ruins of Cuzco and visit the Lost City of the Incas - Machu Picchu, while immersing yourself in a wide range of healing practices - Tantra, Mystical dance, Yoga, Reiki, Meditations, Shamanic healings to help you dive deep into your Soul journey and gain profound insights into the truth of who you are and why you are here, also to help you remove any inner blockages and accessing your infinite potential in your unconscious mind. A perfect opportunity for holistic healing, recharge, rejuvenate and reconnect with nature, to return you to the loving embrace of Mother Earth. 



Sacred Schedule:

1. Lima Day Tour

(15 - 16 Sep, optional)

15th Sep  Arrive in Lima, check-into to our beautiful hotel, relax and chill.



16 Sep    A Guided One Day Tour in Lima

With one day in Lima you can explore the very best of the city, from the colonial architecture of the historic center to pre-Colombian art and seaside neighborhoods. See the gorgeous interior of the San Francisco Convent, tour the Museo Larco, then get a glimpse of Lima’s earliest history in Miraflores. This full-day, private tour of Lima offers the flexibility and convenience of a personalized tour, an ideal choice for first-time visitors. 



"Peru is as complex as its most intricate and exquisite weavings. Festivals mark ancient rites, the urban vanguard beams innovation and nature brims with splendid diversity." - Lonely Planet

17 Sep Fly to Cusco 

Arrive in our beautiful retreat centre Yoga Mandala Sacred Valley

officially start our retreat. 


A wide range of healing arts & spiritual practices which include:

Tantra, mystical dance, medicine movement,
shamanic sound healing, yoga & meditation,

(all kinds of meditations - silent sitting, sufi whirlling, dancing as meditation, Osho meditations and many more)

You will learn how to awaken your infinite inner creativity and potential,

we will also learn how to create from "stream-of-consciousness',

to express ourselves freely. 

We will also learn about tantric techniques for both women and men. 

also how to consciously communicate with our partner

with an open heart to help to strengthen our intimate relationship and any relationship

(also suitable for singles). 


All the above classes are suitable for both male & female. 


If we have more females (most likely), we will also have special Sacred Feminine workshops on awakening and invoking the Goddesses in our daily life and female tantric workshop which include opening up sensual body, rooting in feminine essence and creative potential) and open up to true divine feminine potential.



We will also organise Sound Circle healings at the archeological site of Urcos. A magical experience that you will deeply enjoy with crystal bowls, ancient Peruvian instruments as well as other native instruments around the world. With the powerful energy of this site will help you balance all your chakras and go to a deeper level of healings within your body, mind & spirit. 

A Cacao ceremony with Fire Circle conducted by Anjali and medicine woman.

We will also have a Shamanic Temazcal ceremony, a natural therapeutic experience of heat and steam, which is inspired by pre-Hispanic ancient practices of traditional medicine.

Its use through history has been therapeutic and as a ritual/ceremony, practice has survived through the years as a tradition of the various indigenous communities in South America.

Relaxation that generates experience urges us to a profound state of peace, introspection, reflection and full attention. Temazcal therapy is a well beautiful and powerful moment in our life, an opportunity to reconcile us with ourselves, a unique experience of purification and re-connection with our internal source of wisdom and unconditional love. Closing a cycle and opening a new one in our lives, we release attachments, negative thoughts, fears and mental conditioning, delivering them to the heat of the stones Mama Willka Rumicuna grandmothers of the Earth.


*Optional Ayahuasca ceremony can be arranged on request (depending on how many people are interesetd). Ayahuasca is a sacred plant medicine, and we request you to only do it if you feel that it is in your heart that it is calling you. 


Spiritual Tours during the retreat  

During our stay we will also visit 

one of the seven wonders of the world - Machu Picchu



And visit the Maras salt mines (optional)

(a very well-known local touristic destination) 


23 Sep  Finish our 7 day Spiritual retreat

and leave the retreat centre 


You can choose to finish the trip or follow Anjali to continue the adventure. Anjali loves following her heart and dance with existence, so maybe she will go hiking to the rainbow mountain and venture into the Amazon or maybe even go to Bolivia to see the Uyuni. If you want to join her, you are more than welcome (cost not included in the retreat). 


Retreat leader & organiser 


Anjali Love

 Mystic poetess, Sacred feminine,
Tantra, yoga and meditation teacher,
energy healer,  spiritual guide & visionary


Anjali's spiritual journey has has taken her all over the world to learn from renowned spiritual masters about yoga, meditation, mystical dance, tantra and other healing arts. She dedicates her life to the Goddess and takes spiritual tours every year to sacred sites around the world to connect you back to the source of the Mother.  She has also hosted retreats and conducted workshops in India, Greece, China, Australia and Bali. You can read more about her stories here. She is also the author of spiritual poetry book Songs from the Soul. 

Investment for your Mind, Body, Spirit & Soulvolution:

7 day Sacred Valley retreat (17 - 23 Sep)

2000 USD (Twin share) 

2300 USD (Single)

including 6 nights accomodations, 3 delicious vegetairna meals everyday, all healing courses & local transport to retreat centre & a guided day tour to Machu Picchu

(*If you have been to Machu Picchu before and do not wish to visit with us, please let us know and we can reduce some costs for you)

Opitional Maras Lake Mines can be arranged
($150 USD including transport & local guide, entrance tickets & lunch) 


Optional Lima Tour (15 - 16 Sep)

(include two night accomodations in Lima with breakfast,

a guided tour by a local guide, airport transfer &

flight ticket to Cusco the next day)

$700 USD


To book:

25% non-refundable deposit to be paid at the time of booking, 

remaining balance due on 15th August. 

*Payment plan available if you request - all payment must be made fully prior to Departure. 

Places are limited (no more than 12 people),

so if you are interested,

do sign up early to secure your place in advance. 


* Please note that the above prices do not include
international flight tickets, travel insurance and any other travel expenses after the retreat (trips to rainbow mountain & Amazon can also be arranged separately)


Travel tips:

Visa:  Peru is basically a country of open door. The entry into Peru for Citizens of most American and Western European countries does not require a tourist visa. Australian citizens do not require a visa to enter Peru. You need only to hold a valid passport and a return ticket on arrival. You. are allowed to stay up to 183 days in Peru. For other countries citizens, please check here


Travel Insurance: 

We recommend you to take out travel insurance
during your period of travel.


To express your interest, please fill in the form below, indicate the trips you are interested or other special requests and we shall get back to you within one business day.

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Anjali is currently leading a retreat in Bali (1-8 April) and she will be in Tantra training from 8 April - 5 May in Thailand. Response via email may be delayed during this period. 


Love, Peace, Bliss & Mama Peru!