Dear Beloved,

Do you feel you need more support to stay aligned
on your spiritual journey?

If so, we are here for you.

I’m glad you are here and I know why you are here.

The journey of awakening is not an easy journey.
Let’s be honest, it is not always full of love and light
(most of the time, it is probably not!),
and it is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Yes, love and light is our goal, but before we get there,
we may encounter many “dark nights of the soul”.
We may have to face a lot of things that we don’t want to face,
such as our ego, fears, negative emotions, the illusions created by the mind,
lack of self-love, unconscious programming and
repetitive unconscious patterns that don’t serve us on our journey…

It is important when we embark on the awakening journey
to have someone who is here to help and support us,
so we can keep moving forward.

I personally am very grateful for all my spiritual teachers who have guided me
at time of crisis, to move through dark nights of the soul and lead me to Divine Light.

Hence, I feel it is my Soul Purpose to share this with the world and
help more people on their awakening journey.


How Will You Be Supported?


Divine Light Satsang

Monthly live online Satsang with Anjali Love to help you attune to Divine Light.


Q & A sessions

You can post any questions you have on your spiritual journey or any aspects of your life and we will try to answer them at our best capacity. We will also regularly invite experts to come and share about particular topics of interests


Soul Family Support

You can connect with like-minded people in our private Soul Family Facebook group and support each other as we grow.


Experience Deep Transformation …

  • Rediscover your deep love for life

  • Open your heart to love and life

  • Becoming more and more Present in each moment of your life

  • On the path of embodying your higher self and realise the self

  • Gain clarity on your soul purpose

  • Transform your beliefs from fear-based to love - based

  • Shape your life with your consciousness and create the life you truly want

  • Experience a Positive Impact on your wellbeing


Meet your Spiritual Guide 


Anjali Love is a pure vessel of Divine Light. She channels from the Divine Light and Divine Feminine. She is fully guided by Ascended Masters and Celestial beings to be here to accelerate Awakening of Humanity.

On the earthly plane, she is a mystic poetess, author, international sacred feminine and tantra teacher, energy healer, spiritual guide & visionary. A multidimensional being, a light-worker & an artist of life, she dances, sings, writes, lives, and breathes through the Divine. Although she has many titles in life, she is not attached to any external identities.

She facilitates transformational workshops and retreats around the world, also offering online courses and Satsangs and individual spiritual guidance. She is the creatrix of a number of conscious events and festival such as Ecstatic Dance Melbourne and Melbourne Tantra Festival.