Are you experiencing an awakening?

Do you have many questions about spiritual awakening?

Do you feel you still need a bit more tailored help and support on your awakening journey?

If so, you can discuss more about it with us and we will see how we can help.

What people said:

I am still finding the words that describe my session with Anjali. It felt like it was from another world. I have never experienced such a holding of honour and space for me. I can still feel the vibration of the session in my heart today and I feel it is not likely to fade. Anjali is love. I was able to connect with my heart and with gentle and curious guidance from Anjali to get clarity and understand what I needed to call into my life. The session has confirmed my approach to life and goals. It has helped me to be more in my heart and of no mind and to know that doing the small things make a big difference when aligned with my true nature. This has helped me to deal with the impatience I felt of not achieving quickly and focussing on end results.  I can now be connected to my journey from a heart space and have fun!!

- Colin Mcmahon


One-on-one spiritual consultation

Book a one hour one-on-one spiritual consultation with Anjali Love for her to answer all your specific questions, to help you stay aligned and clear your confusion on your spiritual journey.

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*please note that all consultation will be happened on Skype as Anjali works with Energy & Frequency which transcends time & space,
so personal presence is not necessary, unless it is specifically required by the client and we will see what we can do, whether it suits our schedule & convenience.


Meet your Spiritual guide



Anjali Love is a modern mystic, a heart alchemist and a gifted medium. She is also an international sacred feminine & tantra teacher, poetess, author, energy healer, spiritual guide & visionary.

A multidimensional being, a light worker and an artist of life, although she enjoys many titles in life, she is not attached to any external identities.

She is a pure vessel of the Divine and channels from the Divine Light. She is fully guided by Ascended Masters, Celestial beings & Goddesses to be a catalyst of awakening on this planet.

She channels from the Divine Light and Divine Feminine, and she is here to help and support you on your spiritual awakening journey.