Do you feel frustrated by life’s challenges?

Intuitive Life Guidance
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Do you crave motivation and self-discipline to focus on your deepest desires ?

What if I told you, that life is already full of everything you could ever possibly dream of. It is just up to you to rise up and take a hold of it.

Learn to transcend any given circumstance and tap into the flow of abundance in its many forms.

Allow yourself to feel guided and supported through Anjali Love’s unique attunement and consultation. Guiding you into self- realization, empowerment, and energetic alignment in all areas of your life.


Do you yearn to be free of the weight of the world?

Do you struggle in your relationships or finances ?

Perhaps, you work very hard to earn a living and are very successful. You have an amazing home, a great paying job, and a beautiful family. However, something is missing and you just can’t put your finger on it .


It is time to reclaim your life...

Dear Soul,

You are not alone. Millions of people around the world are searching for their meaning and purpose in life. We have been lied to.

We have been bred into domestication and worldwide consumption. We were not made to just survive and die.

We were made to live a meaningful life with passion, purpose, and strife. Let us reclaim the meaning of being alive today.


Experience Deep Transformation …

  • Gain better clarity on your aspirations and endeavours

  • Rediscover your Passions

  • Remember the joys of your child like nature

  • Witness a positive Increase in your Physical health & Wellness

  • Observe the reflection of your well-being ripple within your relationships

Anjali love will provide you with the tools to unveil the hidden dimensions of your life and rediscover your soul’s calling.



Intuitive Life Guidance
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Meet your guide



Anjali Love is a mystic poetess, author, sacred feminine, tantrika, yoga & meditation teacher, energy worker, intuitive life coach and spiritual guide.

A multidimensional being, a light worker and an artist of life, she is guided by the Divine to create from her heart.

She offers online courses and coaching, also facilitates transformational workshops and retreats around the world.