Why you hear two voices and which one you should follow?

We sometimes hear two contradictory voices in our head to tell us do two different things, for instance:  

Scenario A: work related

     Voice 1: I want to quit my job because I don’t like what I am doing, this is not the life I want;  

     Voice 2: Don’t quit! Unless you want to be loser? Don’t you want to be successful? Think about what your parents or other people would say if you quit. Do you want to be jobless and broke?

Scenario B: relationship related

       Voice 1: there is no love in the relationship, I don’t want to stay in this relationship;

       Voice 2: How can you be so selfish and irresponsible? You should stick with the current relationship no matter what unless you want to end up being single for the rest of your life!

Just two common examples, there are probably 1000 more examples you can think of. These two contradictory voices often create trouble and misery in our life as we are so confused and we don’t know which voice to listen to and what’s the right thing to do. Being in the confused and troubled state can also bring a lot of negative energy to ourselves and the people around us.

To solve any problem in our life, we first need to understand the cause i.e. why there are two contradictory voices inside in the first place? Where do they come from? Is there the right voice or the wrong voice? Which one is from the REAL ME? 

I will explain to you in details (if you can’t understand what I’m saying for the moment, please accept it first then question later).

The reason why there are two contradictory voices are because there are two layers inside us, the outer layer and inner layer:

        The outer layer is your thought (thinking), this is associated with your mind;

        The inner layer is your consciousness (mindfulness), this is associated with your soul;

(please refer to the diagram I draw below)

Normally when we hear two contradictory voices, it is because one is from your thought (mind) and the other is from your consciousness (soul). 

To live an authentic and fulfilled life enriched with long lasting happiness (and to attain enlightenment), one should almost ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS, NOT YOUR MIND. This is because consciousness is linked to your soul, your true and authentic being in the universe, the essence. I really think it should be everybody’s goal in this life to realise our inner being, if everyone on earth is genuinely peaceful, then there will be no suffering (that’s why raising consciousness is so important and it should really be everybody’s top priority in life –Ok,perhaps a bit off the topic for the purpose of this article, I will write another article for that).

Now how do you know which voice is from your mind and which one is from your consciousness? There are a few ways to identify:

·            Try to quiet your mind for 5-10 minutes (think nothing), in this state, you are only left with your consciousness, ask yourself the question again and hear the voice NOW and only NOW (not the next minute as your mindmight quickly sneak in and whisper another voice) –that’s the real answer;   

·            If you are quite consciousness and you know deep down what you are thinking, then that’s the answer too, as consciousness is from the deep down, not the outer surface;

·            Also another objective way to identify is that our thinking from mind normally associated with negative characteristics such as fear (big one!), ego (big one!), attachment (another big one), jealousy and anger… whereas consciousness is associated with positive characteristics such as courage, no ego, no attachment, selfless,love for all and compassion. 

Here I’ve drawn a diagram to better illustrate the situation:

It is very important to realise that your mind is not actually who you are and please do not identify yourself with your mind. The misidentification of who you are with your mind is dangerous and it is usually the cause of suffering in your life.

Now I hope you can see that voice 1 from both the Scenario A&B are from your consciousness whereas voice 2 are the voices from your mind. This is because if you truly love yourself, you would not allow yourself to be doing something soul-destructing that you have no passion in and be in a loveless relationship –this is not just a waste of your time but also your precious life.  If you are highly conscious, then you will have the courage to break through it and not being too attached to the past.  

Both Voice 2 are voices from the mind as it is stemmed from fear, ego and attachment. You are scared about what lies in the future and you are fearful of what other people would say or think. By doing so, you are missing out the PRESENT, the NOW, the ESSENCE OF YOUR BEING, which is the most valuable part of your life. 

Please note that you should not feel ashamed about letting go what is not right or think you are guilty or selfish to do so (this is how mind often tricks you into thinking so).  Your ego will make you think that you need to be a "good man" who conforms to the social convention (no matter how ridiculous). If you are a person of low conscious, you can be easily manipulated or used by your mind (or other low conscious people).

By chaining yourself and creating self-inflicted pain or trouble on yourself (by following you mind) and bury your authentic self, not only you would miss out on TRULY LIVING IN THE PRESENT, you would also carry negative energy in you, blocking your life energy, it would also contaminate the people around you and turning it into an unpleasant vicious cycle, eventually you might feel the sorrow/pain is too great to bear and have a mental breakdown…

I encourage all human beings to have to courage to follow your consciousness (before escalating further trouble and karma) and realising your true authentic being and true purpose in this universe. Only then, you would see light at the end of the tunnel, then there is liberation and perhaps even enlightenment (if you are lucky :P)

Tips for doing so:

·            Try to still your mind for 15-20 minutes everyday (meditation)

·            Try to be very aware of what your mind is thinking at all time, observing it like a third person but do not react to it, just simply observe and if negative emotions (fear/jealousy) come out, try to let it go.

·            Start following your consciousness more often no matter what you do, this doesn’t need to be a drastic change, you can focus on one thing at a time. Gradually, you will see the difference that brings into your life.   


Anjali Love