Why you don’t need anything to be happy

A lot of us have been used to seek happiness from the outside (my old self included, unconsciously)–we think that if I have money/cars/houses then I will be happy. If I have a good job, then I will be happy. If I have a boyfriend, then I will be happy.  If I can buy a gorgeous bag, then I will be happy. If I am married then I will be happy; If I am skinnier then I will be happy, so on and so forth.

What most people haven’t realised is that for true and long lasting happiness, you cannot seek from the outside. Worse, seeking from the outside is actually the cause of all the trouble. This is because if you wish hasn’t been fulfilled, that is,the mismatch between your expectation and reality, then you would feel frustrated and even guilty. The accumulation of frustration, guilty and all the other negative emotions are normally the cause of depression and other health problems.  

In order to experience true and long-lasting happiness, one can only seek from within, not from the outside. But how to achieve that? The reason why we would seek from the outside is because of our desires and ego, related to our mind. Therefore, we must be able to control our mind in order to stop seeking from the outside. Only when your mind can be controlled (by your consciousness), then you will stop seeking from the outside.

When your mind is still i.e. it does not think of anything, and your mind is in oneness with your soul, then you would not seek from the outside. [PS: Your consciousness is linked to your soul and your mind is linked to your thoughts, I will probably write another article to explain to avoid confusion. For now, as long as you know your inner self is made up by your mind and your soul then it’s enough]

When you have the ability to calm down and still your mind, then you can stop seeking from the outside. And only when that happens, you can start experiencing genuine happiness and joy. You will discover the true meaning of life and another whole new world—your abundant and full of love inner universe. When you stay long enough in your inner universe, you will feel a state of bliss (happiest you’ve ever been and glimpses of enlightenment –NO LSD needed though lol), because your happiness is so unlimitedly self-sufficient and it will shower through your whole being. You will not be easily affected by the outer world at all. No matter what happens, you are always connected with your soul.  

So the key question is how to develop the ability to still our mind? Meditation is a very efficient method for doing that. The way of meditation is to calm down your mind and when you know (i.e. you are conscious) your mind stops thinking then you are at the meditative state. Only when you are at the meditative state, you can expand your consciousness (as your mind is absent at that state and you are only with your consciousness/soul). If you can meditate for about 20 minutes everyday, then over time you can develop the ability to control your mind easily. You can become a person of high consciousness and a happier freer person (as you are no longer a slave of your mind :D). 

There is also moving meditation that you can practise i.e. no matter what you do, you should only give your 100% focus to the things you are doing right now, in that way, your mind would not have the capacity to think of other things and you would not be so easily disturbed by the outside world. If you notice your mind start thinking about other things and getting distracted, then you can remind your mind to stop doing that.

If your mind can be still all the time or most of the time (i.e. your mind does not think of other things, you are only with your conscious). Then you can even call yourself an enlightened person. An enlightened person is a person who is always in the constant state of bliss. Now it is easy to gain glimpses of enlightenment (to feel bliss), the difficult part is “the constant state” as we are all so easily disturbed by the outside world.

PS. Enlightenment is not mysterious but it has been made so mysterious by some religions and people who do not understand the essence of enlightenment. Anyone has the ability to attain enlightenment or almost enlightenment and this ability is within us (I will write an article about this).


“You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold.

That is how important you are!”

-Eckhart Tolle


Love, Peace & Bliss

Anjali Love