Connect with your higher self|Gentle reminder


Connecting with your higher self

accessing the inner divinity within you

go within, go deep within

Somehow your higher self

your intuition, soul & consciousness
or whatever you want to call it
already know what you ought to do
in this lifetime
The answers you seek are already
within you 

Yoga & meditation frequently
help you connect with 

your divine self more easily
Awakening the spirit within
Living a truly joyous, fulfilled and blissful life 


Om Shanti Shanti



A bit of background: 

I was teaching yoga & meditation outdoor 

in Melbourne yesterday

And I saw how everyone's energy was transformed

after yoga & meditation 

the energy, the vibe, the frequency have all been raised

as every one was connecting with their higher selves 

so I wrote down the little poem above


Anjali Love