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Why Writers Write

I've had the privilege of connecting with a few established writers in Melbourne while working on my debut novel (honestly, I've never worked on something as exciting as this one). I've been seeking out mentors along the journey through Writers Victoria and have been grateful to connect with a few prominent local writers, all of whom are female. The writers' world in Melbourne is indeed an enchanting and somewhat mysterious one. 

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Anaïs Nin and I

I love reading books written by female writers. There are a few male writers I adore too, but for some reason, all my favourite writers tend to be females. Perhaps I prefer storytelling from a more feminine aspect, the more feeling, intuitive-based rather than the fact-based, the logical and rational arguments. I prefer the more internal, introverted and emotional, with less logic and rationality. That is not to say female writers work cannot be masculine, logical and rational and male writers work cannot be feminine. Often, the divine masculine energy is interwoven with divine feminine, even in literature. 

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Out of Africa (A Journal)

When I opened Facebook today, it reminded me of some photos I uploaded nine years ago about my trip to Africa. As I was lying in bed browsing through the photos, fragments of memory of Africa resurfaced - the bustling streets of Kenya, the honking Matatus, the Maasai people in beaded necklace and strikingly long red robes, the wide-eyed children from the orphanage, the extraordinary long-necked giraffes, the wild rhinos and lions from the Masai Mara all appeared vividly in front of my eyes. My memories took me back to Africa nine years ago when I was still in my first year of university. 

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