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Set Your Highest Soul Standard to Call Your Highest Soulmate

Dear Beloveds, There are many soulmates in this plane of existence.
Always trust that there will be one or even a few for you.
Do not be afraid to set your highest Soul Standard to call in your highest soulmate.
Please remember that you do not need to compromise any aspect of your being to be in any relationship.

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Behind Every Great Woman, There is Her Mother

My mother is everything I am not. She is all practical, pragmatic, logical, rational, remarkably grounded in the material world, the realist. I am all about the transcendent, the ethereal, the spirit world, the other-worldly, the dreamer. She is all passive, all-enduring, she accepts whatever life is throwing at her. I am the rebellious, the non-conformist, the wild and the free spirit. 

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