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Travelling (Osho Zen Tarot)

Tarot cards are alive and talking to us all the time. At least, I feel my tarot decks talk to me all the time). I can't tell you how many times I've pulled a tarot card that relates to exactly the situation I'm going through. I used a few different tarot decks - Osho Zen Tarot, Sacred Rebels and Rumi Love by Alana Fairchild. My favourite one is Osho Zen Tarot, as it is downloadable on your iPhone and it will send you a card everyday automatically. It is as if Osho is talking to me everyday, and the card almost always relates to whatever I'm going through. In the ancient Vedic Scriptures, there is Philosophy that 'Everything' has a Living Deity within it or behind it, pulling its strings. So perhaps unsuprising that Tarot card aso has a Living Deity within it. 

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