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Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (Yukti Verses - Verses 24 - 36)

In the body of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, Bhairava articulates 112 yuktis, or yoga meditation practices, for opening to the divine mysteries within everyday experience.

The practices begin in verse 24 and continue to verse 135. The wide variety of techniques allow each individual to find their doorway into wonder, astonishment, and delight.

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Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (Verses 13 - 23)

She Who Shines Everywhere sings,
You who hold the mysteries in your hand —
Of will, knowledge and action —
Reveal to me this path of illumined knowing.
I long to merge with you,
Be filled with your nourishing essence.
Lead me into joyous union
With the life of the universe,
That I may know it fully,
Realise it deeply,
And breathe in luminous truth.

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Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (Verses 1 - 12)

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra is the classic text of Tantra which detailed 112 ways of meditation. It is a poetic conversation between Devi (Shakti) and Bhairava (Shiva), in which Devi asks and Shiva answers. Devi is the Creative Energy permeating the universe. Her nature is power, strength, and might. Bhairava is the infinite consciousness that embraces her.

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The Importance of Bramacharya in Tantra

Thoughts on Spiritual purity. Sexual continence. Brahmacharya and Enlightenment. More and more recently, I found sex has lost its grip on me, particularly after my ayahuasca experience in the Amazon jungle (I will write an article about this). I haven't had sex for a few months and now I feel there is no desire for sex, not even the desire for so-called sacred sexuality.

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How Tantra Makes Me Monogamous

For a very long time, I was very skeptical about monogamy. I did not think it would work. In my early twenties, I had two monogamous relationships and both failed disastrously, that was before my awakening, and I was just living like a "conventional person" in a conventional society, studying at university, hopefully looking for a job after, perhaps getting married one day, doing what everybody else was doing.

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Tantra Failed For Two Reasons

Do you see shortcomings in the teachings of Tantra that incline you to feel tantric methods are not suitable for us? It is not a complete system. There is a basic fallacy that human beings fall into: they find a small truth, a part of the truth, and rather than discover the whole, the remaining part they imagine to fill up the gap. Because they have part of the truth, they can argue and they can manage to make a system, but the remaining part is simply their invention.

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Ethics For Tantra Teachers

Sexual trespasses are what I see very common in the tantra world between the teachers/healers and students/clients. I had also unfortunately experienced such trespass while in the role of client, that's why I feel the need to speak up on this subject and also the need to share the following article written by Ma Ananda Sarita.  

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No-thingness (Osho Zen Tarot)

Being "in the gap" can be disorienting and even scary. Nothing to hold on to, no sense of direction, not even a hint of what choices and possibilities might lie ahead. But it was just this state of pure potential that existed before the universe was created. All you can do now is to relax into this no-thingness... fall into this silence between the words...

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How to Nourish Your Feminine Side (so you can feel like a Goddess all the time)

There may be moments or days that you don't feel so connected, you may feel drained, experience a lack of energy, you are not feeling loved or nourished. These are the signs that your feminine side needs to be nourished, loved and taken care of. The feminine and masculine energies are inside each of us, whether you are a woman, man or non-binary, and it is important for these two energies, the yin and yang, to feel balanced.

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The Dark Side of the Tantric World

This morning I woke up reading an article titled "Women Accuse Agama Yoga Founder Swami Vivekananda Saraswati of Sexual Assault" on Medium. You can read the full article here. I am not surprised at what this article says, and I am glad someone finally speaks up. I have been wanting to write an article sharing my own experiences and rather bizarre encounters in the tantric world and the dark side of it, and now I feel it is the time.

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Money and Spirituality

Yes, today let's about money. Money, like sex, is probably not the most comfortable topic to utter. Many religions in the world have condemned money (just like they have condemned sex), advocating for poverty. They deem material possessions as bad and the desire for money is considered a sin. It is a common belief that money and spirituality don't mix. This, I do not agree. 

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The Power of Sacred Women Circle (And Why We Need Them)

I first experience the transformative power of sacred women's space during a Mystical Tantra Goddess retreat in Turkey held by the legendary Monika Nataraj last year. It was an all-female ten-day tantra retreat. Every day all the beautiful women would gather together to meditate, to dance, to transfigure, to share our deepest thoughts and desires, also our raw emotions, struggles, vulnerability, to hold space for each other, to allow each other to be truly seen, to dive deep into spirituality and sexuality.  

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The Beauty of Tantric Sex

“Tantra is the only science which teaches you the expression of sex – not as indulgence, but as a spiritual discipline … transformation of a biological phenomenon into spirituality.”– Osho  The sexual energy is a powerful energy. The more we understand our sexuality, the more we can channel it towards spiritual evolution. Tantric sex can help us to transform the sexual energy into spiritual energy. If you are on the path of consciousness but still have not given tantric sex a go, then it is time to start exploring the area of conscious lovemaking, 

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