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Past Lives & Reincarnation

I don’t talk too much about this topic openly with other people as people may easily misunderstand and think I am just talking nonsense. But I feel Now is the time to reveal more truth. First and foremast, past lives and reincarnation is very real and true. Reincarnation and karma are the fundamental truth of human existence.

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The Power of Sacred Women Circle (And Why We Need Them)

I first experience the transformative power of sacred women's space during a Mystical Tantra Goddess retreat in Turkey held by the legendary Monika Nataraj last year. It was an all-female ten-day tantra retreat. Every day all the beautiful women would gather together to meditate, to dance, to transfigure, to share our deepest thoughts and desires, also our raw emotions, struggles, vulnerability, to hold space for each other, to allow each other to be truly seen, to dive deep into spirituality and sexuality.  

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We are All Goddesses Having a Human Experience

To all the Sacred Sisters, the Wild Women,
the High Priestesses, the Gypsies, the Goddesses,
the Shamanesses, the Mothers, the Visionary, 
Never forget you all have a unique inner Goddess. 
To say one is a goddess is not from the ego,
it is not narcissistic. 
To say one is a goddess is to recognize the inner goddess,
the inner beauty, the inner strength,
to awaken the Shakti (creative force), 
to embody the divine feminine, 
the source of where we are coming from. 

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