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FAQs on Enlightenment (Part 2)

Disclaimer: I write this article fully aware of the limitations of the human language. The human language is not used for the enlightened ones to describe anything, but since we are living in this world, I will have to use language. For instance, when I say “I”, the “I” is no longer here, and there is no more identification with the “I”, so even if I say “I’m enlightened”, the “I” is actually not here. When I say “I want” or “I don’t want”, it’s not a personal desire. When I say “I need to” is not a personal need. When the “I” is not here, nothing is personal here.

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How I Became Enlightened and Life after Enlightenment

22 Oct 2018. This is the date I became enlightened. This is the date I’ve arrived. It happened to me in the morning, perhaps around 10-11am, I couldn’t remember exactly the time and it is not important. I just knew it happened. When enlightenment happened to you, you cannot miss it. When the self has completely dissolved, when all chatters in the mind has completely stopped, when your reality shifted instantly and when you merge into Oneness with all existence, when you no longer identify with the body, mind and anything else. This is not a small event.

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How Tantra Makes Me Monogamous

For a very long time, I was very skeptical about monogamy. I did not think it would work. In my early twenties, I had two monogamous relationships and both failed disastrously, that was before my awakening, and I was just living like a "conventional person" in a conventional society, studying at university, hopefully looking for a job after, perhaps getting married one day, doing what everybody else was doing.

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Relationship as a Catalyst for Spiritual Growth

It is always easier to be centred, zen, grounded and present when you are alone, when there is no one else there to disturb your peace. It is always easier to be authentic, to be truthful when you are alone, when you don't have to consider anybody else's feelings or opinions, and you can say or do whatever you want. Sometimes things just seem to be much easier when you are alone than being in partnership with someone.

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Money and Spirituality

Yes, today let's about money. Money, like sex, is probably not the most comfortable topic to utter. Many religions in the world have condemned money (just like they have condemned sex), advocating for poverty. They deem material possessions as bad and the desire for money is considered a sin. It is a common belief that money and spirituality don't mix. This, I do not agree. 

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Letting Go (Osho Zen Tarot)

In this image of lotus leaves in the early morning, we can see in the rippling of the water that one drop has just fallen. It is a precious moment, and one that is full of poignancy. In surrendering to gravity and slipping off the leaf, the drop loses its previous identity and joins the vastness of the water below. We can imagine that it must have trembled before it fell, just on the edge between the known and the unknowable.

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I Don't Understand Emily Dickinson

I don't understand Emily Dickinson, neither would she understand me, and none of this matters. But I love her poetry. Her bold, uniquely original style of writing  -  the untitled poems, strewn with dashes and irregular capitalized, and often extremely sparing in their language. An apparent rush of words - an experiment in spontaneity, following her stream of consciousness. For instance - 

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New Vision (Osho Zen Tarot)

The figure on this card is being born anew, emerging from his earthbound roots and growing wings to fly into the unbounded. The geometric shapes around the body of the figure show the many dimensions of life simultaneously available to him. The square represents the physical, the manifest, the known. The circle represents the unmanifest, the spirit, pure space. And the triangle symbolizes the threefold nature of the universe: manifest, unmanifest, and the human being who contains both. 

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We are All Goddesses Having a Human Experience

To all the Sacred Sisters, the Wild Women,
the High Priestesses, the Gypsies, the Goddesses,
the Shamanesses, the Mothers, the Visionary, 
Never forget you all have a unique inner Goddess. 
To say one is a goddess is not from the ego,
it is not narcissistic. 
To say one is a goddess is to recognize the inner goddess,
the inner beauty, the inner strength,
to awaken the Shakti (creative force), 
to embody the divine feminine, 
the source of where we are coming from. 

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Awareness (Osho Zen Tarot)

The veil of illusion, or Maya, that has been keeping you from perceiving reality as it is, is starting to burn away. The fire is not the heated fire of passion, but the cool flame of awareness. As it burns the veil, the face of a very delicate and childlike buddha becomes visible. The awareness that is growing in you now is not the result of any conscious "doing", nor do you need to struggle to make something happen. Any sense you might have had that you've been groping in the dark is dissolving now, or will be dissolving soon. Let yourself settle, and remember that deep inside you are just a witness, eternally silent, aware and unchanged. 

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