Love Locks

I don't understand love locks

Do people really think love is like

a piece of jewellery

that you can just lock it up 

so it will never change or be stolen? 

So stagnant? So mundane? 

Are we human beings so limited that 

we have to lock each other up 

in order to protect the so-called love? 

Are we so limited that we can only 

give love to one person for 

our entire life? 

Are we so limited that we have to lock 

each other 

to put a cage over each other 


How can our hearts be opened up 

if they are all locked? 

How can we give love if 

they are locked? 

How can true love ever be locked? 


Are birds happier in a cage or 

flying freely in the sky? 

Are fish happier in a tiny fish pond

or swimming in the sea?

Are humans happier being locked up

or granting freedom? 


Freedom to love

to live 

to be 

who we truly are?