Everything is in flux

Everything is in flux 

Nothing stays the same 

Change is the only constant in life

Why be attached? 

Why hold onto anything? 

Feeling is only a form of energy

Love is only a form of energy

In fact, everything is simply energy

Constantly shifting

Constantly transferring

Constantly transforming

So "be like water"

"Empty your mind, 

be formless, shapeless" 

(Bruce Lee) 

Love everything 

Be attached to nothing

Ps. A lot of people misunderstand the concept of "detachment"

as you can't love at all (or you will be attached)

This is a misunderstanding 

Not being attached means you can love freely 

love totally 

without attaching to the result or whatever

Just be in this moment 100% 

without being attached to the fruit of the action or 

whatever comes in your away

Allow everything to flow 

riding the flow of the Universe 

You will find life will be much easier

better and happier that way :) 

The only way to happiness is 

to live life with no resistance :) 

Accepting whatever comes in your way 

Appreciating every single moment

And do not be attached to the past/future

Understanding the impertinence of existence


Love, Peace & Bliss