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Four Stages of Enlightenment (according to Buddhism)

The Buddha recognized four distinct levels of realization, each one characterized by a deep experience of selflessness, followed by certain changes in outlook. The experience usually involved intensive meditation and follows study of the four basic truths of Buddhism. If you’re regularly meditating and practising mindfulness, you’re probably already undertaking many of the practices that is advocated by Buddhism. Here are the four stages of enlightenment.

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Past Lives & Reincarnation

I don’t talk too much about this topic openly with other people as people may easily misunderstand and think I am just talking nonsense. But I feel Now is the time to reveal more truth. First and foremast, past lives and reincarnation is very real and true. Reincarnation and karma are the fundamental truth of human existence.

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Three Stages of Enlightenment (according to Osho)

There are three stages of enlightenment. The first is when the first glimpse happens. I call it mini-satori. When, for the first time, for a single moment mind is not functioning, there is a gap – no thought between you and existence. You and existence, you and existence… for a moment… and the meeting, and the merging, and the communion, and the orgasm… but for a moment. And from that moment the seed will be in your heart and growing.

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The Illusion of Romantic Love & Four Elements of Love

Last night I was at home editing my second poetry book called Awakening to Love. Initially, this poetry book was supposed to be called This Eternal Romance and it was meant to publish it early this year on Valentine’s Day. However, it wasn’t meant to happen, as my definition on what love is has radically shifted, with a 180 degree change, particularly in the past month.

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FAQs on Enlightenment and Common Misunderstandings on Enlightenment

In this article I talk about perhaps the frequently asked questions on enlightenment and some misunderstandings on enlightened people: 1) How do you know for sure if someone is enlightened? The answer is you need to become enlightened yourself. Don't make judgements or assumptions so easily on whether you think this person is enlightened or not. One knows when one is here. When you are enlightened, you know instantly who's also here. 

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Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (Verses 1 - 12)

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra is the classic text of Tantra which detailed 112 ways of meditation. It is a poetic conversation between Devi (Shakti) and Bhairava (Shiva), in which Devi asks and Shiva answers. Devi is the Creative Energy permeating the universe. Her nature is power, strength, and might. Bhairava is the infinite consciousness that embraces her.

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The Paradox of "Seeking Enlightenment"

Enlightenment is our natural state, we are all born enlightenment, we are all born as Divine beings with unconditional love to existence. However, as we grow up, society and people keep putting into ideas into our minds and our minds keep growing complex, which obscures the purity of our consciousness and we became “dis-enlightened” through the process.

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Set Your Highest Soul Standard to Call Your Highest Soulmate

Dear Beloveds, There are many soulmates in this plane of existence.
Always trust that there will be one or even a few for you.
Do not be afraid to set your highest Soul Standard to call in your highest soulmate.
Please remember that you do not need to compromise any aspect of your being to be in any relationship.

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The Importance of Bramacharya in Tantra

Thoughts on Spiritual purity. Sexual continence. Brahmacharya and Enlightenment. More and more recently, I found sex has lost its grip on me, particularly after my ayahuasca experience in the Amazon jungle (I will write an article about this). I haven't had sex for a few months and now I feel there is no desire for sex, not even the desire for so-called sacred sexuality.

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