Nowhere to Go, Nothing to Seek


For a very long time, I always felt the need to constantly be on the go, to travel everywhere, to create a thousand different experiences, a million memories, to see many things, to seek more and search more... 

More and more recently, I don't feel the need to go anywhere anymore.  I am perfectly content in where I am, doing what I love, serving my Soul purpose. I am perfectly content living in Melbourne, finally settling in this place I call home (yes, there will still be quite a lot of outer travels -> Peru - Goa - Egypt is definitey calling - Greece...) but for now, I feel totally fulfilled in being grounded in my physical body, in this physical place and the physical reality, to allow manifestations to unfold at a much more relaxed pace. 

For the past five years after my spiritual awakening experience, I made many changes in my life. I let go of my legal career, started my entrepreneurial journey, moved to Shanghai, lived in the mega-city for one and a half year, got totally burned out, traveled around in Asia, again went back to mother India to become a yoga teacher, made three trips to India each year, traveled to Europe to learn healing arts, took a Sufi pilgrimage to Iran and Turkey, traveled to Bali and Thailand for retreat, also to deepen my own practices, training with different spiritual teachers... I have created a lot of memories during the past five years of intense spiritual travels, inner and outer, also a lot of growth happening. 

Every outward journey is, in essence, an inner journey. As my inner journey has matured, as I have finally arrived home (the centre of my heart/Soul), I feel it is also time to slow down my outward journey, to allow the inner journey to simmer, to integrate, to embody all the wisdom I've learned in my physical reality. 

I also don't feel the need to seek outside anymore. Yes, I will still perhaps go on training with one or two spiritual teachers every year, just to deepen my own practice, but I don't feel the need to actively seek out teachers.  And I am highly selective when it comes to whom I train with. I only seek out authentic embodied teachers and I know I no longer need to be a groupie anymore. I trust my intuition and inner wisdom. 

I also feel I have done enough training, enough studies and I know the ultimate teacher is within myself, also nature is my teacher, life itself is my teacher, existence is my teacher. 

I even don't have the desire to mingle with the so-called "conscious community" or "spiritual community" anymore. I see a lot of ungrounded shadow spirituality in this kind of community. Also, I definitely don't feel the need to drift among spiritual communities... 

I know that it is a time for sharing and creative manifestation. There are things in me that want to come out, including a few books, some online courses, that's why I feel it is essential to be grounded in one place, to allow the creative process to sinner and unfold at the Divine timing. 

Also, interestingly I have some karma with the land of Australia, it is as if the Divine wants me to stay here a bit longer, despite my reckless mind wanted to desperately get out of this country a few times in the past, somehow I always found myself returning. I'm now eternally grateful that I can just settle here, at least for a quite a while. I love Australia, and I do love Melbourne a lot (more and more so as I come back to her every time). 

I also realise that not many international spiritual teachers and healers are actually here, so it is a great place for teaching and doing spiritual work. A lot of potential for healers. 

For now, I am happy where I am :) 

"The deeper the roots, the taller the trees."  Time to grow more roots, so my soul can soar even higher.