Lessons on Compassion (Why Silence is Golden)

Guanyin, 观音, the Goddess of Compassion 

Guanyin, 观音, the Goddess of Compassion 

Lately, I've been learning some lessons on compassion, and I've started to hear the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy Guanyin (Kuan Yin) speaking to me, whispering the lessons on compassion, on others and myself. 

You see there are many things I don't agree with in this world, and even in the spiritual world, the tantric world. Being on the spiritual path for quite a while, I felt I have indeed witnessed some shadow side of spirituality. My tendency to respond to situations I don't agree with is to share my opinions honestly, openly, and sometimes loudly (when my Kali Ma comes out, she comes out strong, fierce and fearless)... 

But I've realized that sometimes it is better to keep silent, to keep it to myself, instead of disagreeing loudly. Because what I said could potentially trigger people, and sometimes you never knew what other people were going through, and it is definitely not my intention to hurt anyone. 

Also, the more visible you become, the more responsibility you will have towards the world, the way you speak, the way you act. I have started to realise that more and more people starting to read what I write, and also some strangers (they may not comment or like, but it does not mean they don't read). So it's no longer like I could just write anything like a diary to myself (for a long time, I treated my facebook wall like a diary, a place to practice my writing and share my thoughts openly, because I thought no one would care or read anyway, apparently, it is not the case).

I also have to be extra cautious about what I am writing and sharing publicly. My intention is to remain honest and authentic to myself, but also try not to hurt anybody when speaking my truth. Sometimes my style of writing or speaking could be quite sharp and direct, and if other people don't get it, they may take it personally, or even feel offended, which is not my intention. I also need to learn the art of being compassionate towards others through my words and actions. 

It indeed takes energy to argue, to speak up about things you don't agree with and to stand by your arguments. Any arguments that are not well-thought of could be easily turned into a misunderstanding and could have the adverse effect or consequences than what I originally intended.

It is not my intention to play any ping pong arguments with others, to prove who is right or wrong, to pick fights (it is indeed a small world and I have no intention to make anyone an enemy in this world).  And it is true that sometimes there is no absolute right or wrong, it all subjects to the person's perceptions. 

I feel the best thing I could do is to live my life as an example, instead of draining my energy on arguing or disagreeing with others, which could take me out of presence, and that is something I absolutely do not enjoy. I shall also have more compassion for myself, be gentle on my warrior Goddess. 

The old proverb "silence is golden" indeed stands true. When one is silent, it leaves room for the unmanifested, also one is free from anybody's words, free from the world,  and one can conserve his or her energy towards more useful things. 

Of course, I'm not saying I will go to the other extreme about being silent on everything. There is a balance to everything. My dharma in this world is to share, to teach, and that is also how I evolve faster on my journey. 

I will still share my opinions and speak my own truth, but perhaps in a more well-rounded way, a more compassionate way with the language I use. Also, practicing more silence, without the need to prove who is right or wrong. Afterall, truth is unfathomable, truth cannot be said, one can only experience.