Living a Day Like a Cat (The Wisdom of Cats)


This morning I woke up falling into a mystical state. Sometimes moments like this happen to me, more and more often as I dwell deeper into the present. I was just lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, and also the beautiful mandala tapestry hanging on my wall, feeling tremendously peaceful and content in the moment, a state that can't be really described in words nor comprehended by the mind alone. Feeling the sensation in my body, the rhythmic rise and fall of my belly, my chest as I inhale and exhale.  Feeling the Universe was in me and I was in the Universe, being at One with the Source and incredibly nurtured and nourished by Source energy. 

In that state, there was really no need to do anything. Doing anything would seem to distract the state I was in (that's why in the state of Enlightenment, there will be no sex - because any movement would be unnecessary). I just became this pure witness, witnessing myself lying in bed, witnessing the beauty in my room, all the paintings, the sunlight shone through the window, feeling the sacredness and divinity in everything, feeling at peace and at One with the surrounding. 

I felt I could just Be like this all day and all night. I had no desire to get out of the bed, no desire to do anything else, not in a pessimistic sense (or perhaps might be easily misunderstood as being lazy),  but in a state of utter satisfaction, fulfillment and contentment with this present moment, with existence, with the Tao. 

A dear friend of mine is like that too. He mostly spends his days doing nothing (maybe deem as lazy by many), but he is one of the most conscious people I've ever met in my life and a real artist of life. He mostly spends his day in meditation, non-doing, just lying on the couch and gazing at the sea (he is currently living in the paradise of Thailand). He sometimes cuts the grass, doing some gardening, crafting some art, sharing with the plants, trees and cats. He is so content in his being and aloneness, he rarely feels the need to go out. He mostly lives like a hermit, dwelling in the present. Unlike me, his path is largely out of the world, so although he has so much wisdom in him, he does not want to teach. Teaching is not his path in this lifetime. You might wonder how did he make his money and make a living so he could afford living in a beautiful villa in Thailand and do nothing. Well, for someone like him who lives in the fifth dimension, everything is a pure manifestation and often instant manifestation. One may find this hard to comprehend by the mind. Indeed, this state of living cannot be comprehended by the mind alone. Only when you experience in that state, then you know. 


I'm mostly not a morning person, I take a long time to wake up from the bed, because I enjoy so much the tranquility and peace the moment when you open your eyes, still dwelling in the realm between the subconscious and the waking world. From my experience, that's the moment when mystical experience happens the most often. One experiences the beauty of non-doing, feeling totally relaxed and at ease with existence. Everything is so perfect that there is really nothing else you need to do.  

Also, I like to take a nap whenever I feel tired during the day (that's why I can never work at an office). Sometimes creativity comes to me in the evening at odd hours, and I just woke up and perhaps dropped down some ideas then went to bed (sometimes I wrote a poem in the middle of the night, I did not know what I was writing/channeling, I woke up the next morning and saw it). 



Morning walk with my guruji Cat

Morning walk with my guruji Cat

I have many spiritual teachers in my life, but I felt I learned the most from nature, from animals, and from cats. Cats are incredibly beautiful, divine creatures in my eyes. Most of the time, they are utterly centered and present in their own being. 

They are tremendously content in their aloneness, also content with other cats (sometimes). They love with an open heart, but non-attached to the future.  They are the Zen master at Being. They live in the present, spontaneously and playfully. They can literally just be so content by doing nothing and lying on the grass the whole day (also many other animals are like that, cows, sheep, all the cuteness in the nature). 

It feels to me many cats are at home with the Source. And unlike dogs, they don't go out of their way to please anybody, to feign attention from the outside. 

Channeling Bast, the Cat Goddess

Channeling Bast, the Cat Goddess

I love dogs too (dogs are the perfect embodiment of unconditional love), but I know at heart I'm much more of a cat person. When I see a cat, I always feel like seeing a Zen master (and almost want to bow at their sexy lotus paws).

It is no wonder the Ancient Egyptians held cats in the highest esteem, the penalties for injuring or killing a cat were severe. They worshipped a cat goddess, called Bastet or Bast, often represented as half feline, half woman, also a moon goddess. 


Here is a little poem inspired by this adorable feline friend 

Be like a Cat
Returning to the Source
Stay there
Dwell in your heart space
Surrendering to
The Eternal, 
That which is
Melting with


Today I will just live like a cat, a moment at a time, lying lazily in my bed and do nothing. Being lazy and productive at the same time. Following the Tao, effortless action. Meow. 

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