How to Nourish Your Feminine Side (so you can feel like a Goddess all the time)


There may be moments or days that you don't feel so connected, you may feel drained, experience lack of energy, you are not feeling loved or nourished. These are the signs that your feminine side needs to be nourished, loved and taken care of. 

The feminine and masculine energies are inside each of us, whether you are a woman, man or non-binary, and it is important for these two energies, the yin and yang, to feel balanced. When the energies are in balance and harmonious, that is when you can feel whole and complete within yourself.  

And what it means to be balanced can be different for each person as each of us is different. Some may have more dominant feminine energy (mostly in women), therefore, this feminine side needs to be nourished even more. 

I have a strong feminine side (because I am a Shakti) and I know it needs to be constantly nourished and taken care of all the time. When I nourish and take care of my feminine side, that is when I feel most connected, radiantly alive, passionate and natural in my own being.  

But when I say to take care of the feminine side, I don't mean you have to rely on someone else. In fact, DO NOT EVER RELY on anybody or any outer circumstances for your own happiness. From my experience, if you depend your happiness on outer circumstances, then you are doomed to be disappointed at some point. This is true even if you have the perfect lover. True happiness and love can only come from within (you have to be your perfect lover. You have to be the other). Period.  

"Attachment and expectations are the root cause of suffering."

- Buddha

Also, it is not very attractive when we depend on others for our own happiness, to place the burden of this great responsibility on anybody else is not a wise and attractive thing to do, as it may result in you looking like a beggar, begging for love. And nobody wants to be a beggar in love, rather, we want to be emperors, Gods and Goddesses in love, to have abundance so this energy can flow and share with others easily.  

That is why it is tremendously important for us to know how to fill our own cups first so we can nourish and share with others. 

1. Dance, dance, a lot of dancing!! 


Dancing to me is one of the best ways to nourish your feminine essence. When you feel less sexy, that's when you need to dance more and dance sensually. Move your pelvis floor, move your belly, channel the energy from your lower chakras (root and sacral) up and spread it to every part of your body.

If you can't go out dancing, then dance at home. Light some candles, burn some essence or essential oil, dress like a Goddess and dance like a Goddess. I guarantee you half an hour later you will feel like a different being, your Divine Muse will be rekindled and your feminine essence will shine forward.

To me dancing is better than yoga, as some forms of yoga can be too much in the masculine. 

That's why when I host Sacred Feminine Circle, we do a lot of dancing.  because from my experience, this is the best way to nourish the feminine essence. It's easy, fun and free! Also I know I really need it too, in fact, I believe everyone needs to dance, dance more, dance as often as possible! 

(Even when I'm typing down these words, my body is dancing to the music playing in the background, so I'm nourishing my feminine essence while doing some writing ;)) 

2. Treat yourself to a nice massage/spa 

Get a massage, get a spa, get a facial, get a pedicure. Just do whatever that makes you feel deeply nourished and refreshed. 

There is no shame to treat yourself for abundance and it does not need to be on a special occasion too. Every day can be a special occasion, so treat yourself to a massage whenever you feel. The human touch is tremendously healing, so I like to get a massage very often (at least once a week). Getting a massage is important especially for people who are single or whose partner/lover may be on the other side of the planet, so intimacy and touch may not be as available as you would like. Still, there are no worries, treat yourself to a nice massage now and then and feel deeply nourished. 

Love yourself radically, unconditionally. And don't worry too much about money (don't worry about investing in yourself), when you are at your best self, money will come to you. 

3. Dress like a Goddess 

If you want to feel like a Goddess, it is also important to dress like a Goddess. Decorate your temple with beautiful clothes and jewellery (when you feel).  What you wear carries a certain vibration, so when you wear nice clothes, clothes that resonate with you, you will also feel beautiful. Of course, I don't mean to be obsessed with outer beauty and pursue outer beauty blindly, in a shallow and superficial way. But rather, use your outer beauty to reflect your inner beauty. 

I don't possess many clothes (I know from all my travel experiences, less is more), but when I buy, I invest in the ones I know I really love and would wear often, and also reflect my individuality (Every year I get rid of the clothes or items that no longer reflect the vibration I am in). 


4.  Engage in creative activities 

When you are being creative, that is when your feminine energy is flowing, whether it is dancing, singing to a new song, creating something from the scratch, writing a new poem or a new diary entry. Do something creative, do something you would really love to do to nourish your creative feminine side. The feminine likes to give birth to life, to new projects, so allow it to flow. 


5. Be in Mother Nature

Nourish yourself with the power and beauty of Mother Nature. Go to Mother Nature as much as often. When I was in mama Bali or on the island of Thailand, I felt my feminine side was so deeply nourished because I was always in nature, either lying down on the beach, or swimming in a waterfall or walking in the jungle. I felt tremendously connected and could drop into my femininity all the time. That was when I felt most at home. 

Of course,  now it is a bit challenging since I came back to Melbourne - being in the nature in Melbourne's winter is perhaps not the most pleasant thing. But again, there are no worries, repeat tips 1 to 4 and do them as much as often :)

"You, as much as anyone else in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."  


So nourish yourself and love yourself radically, unconditionally, so you can feel like a Goddess all the time (same for men/God). 

Invest in your Feminine Essence

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