The Beauty of Aloneness (and How to Enjoy Being Alone); poem & short story



"Loneliness is the absence of the other.
Aloneness is the presence of oneself.
Aloneness is very positive.
It is a presence, overflowing presence. 
You are so full of presence that you can fill the whole universe
with your presence and
there is no need for anybody."

- Osho  


Aloneness is our nature
We were born alone
Die alone
All togetherness inbetween are
Mere illusions

If you can't be comfortable
with your aloneness 

Then you haven't touched
the deepest core of your being.


Don't expect people to understand you
The more you evolve
The more alone you will feel
There are things that cannot be said
In words
Language can be rather limited to understand
the Indescribable
the Unfathomable

Aloneness is beautiful
Probably one of the most beautiful things
Silence arise in aloneness
Out of that silence there's poetry
Out of that silence there's music
Out of that silence there dance of your true being

You will lose interests in many worldly matters
The small talk, the superficial connection, the conventional way
You will listen more to your intuition, where the highest wisdom stored
rather than your limited intelligence
You will be more and more in tune with existence
You will be more and more courageous to
Speak the truth

You will not be interested in things that move you away from your centre
You will not be interested in any romantic connection that is less than a soulmate connection
You will be less and less attached
To things and people

You will change completely
Inside and out
For you have gone through yet another major transformation
From a caterpillar to a butterfly  🦋 

'The Beauty of Aloneness'




Diary: Monday, 6 Aug

Last time I was in Sydney was probably... hmmm... two years ago? I can't remember, time flies so fast sometimes. This time things feel a bit different, more special, perhaps because I could see the Universe talking to me all the time. Perhaps because I had a deep and profound conversation with my Airbnb host, whom I only stayed with for two nights (sometimes you can have a deep and profound conversation with someone you just met, sometimes you will never have that kind of conversation even if you know this person for a lifetime). Perhaps I accidentally went to see a thought provoking exhibition. Perhaps I was hosting my workshops here for the first time. Perhaps everything was so perfectly aligned that somehow it was a bit unbelievable...

Perhaps things are always different, even if it's the same place,  with the same person...


My Airbnb host was an immigrant from the Lebanon, a mother, a conceptual artist, a world traveller, who did quite a few astonishing exhibitions locally and internationally, whom had also been to China. She's deeply into philosophy. She had a severe back pain and took a lot of medicine. She told me she was sixty (at first I couldn't believe it because she looked much younger for her age). 

I love her living room so much, a peaceful and carefully decorated tranquil space, with plenty of light, green plants, books, many books (she is also a librarian), persian rug and sofa cover... I felt I could just stay there for the whole day. Lying down lazily on the sofa and do nothing... like a cat... (I believe in one my past lives, I must have been a cat given my irrational and irresistable feline infatuaion...) 


We had a profound conversation in this lovely living room, with her sitting on the dark green armchair knitting a white neck scarf for her daughter, and me enjoying my breakfast. We talked about life, love, marriage, meditation, aloneness, philosophy, spirituality... the usual... (For me, big talks are usual. I cannot stand small talks for too long. I can do for two minutes, then I could just hear my Soul screaming at me loudly - "Yo, big sister, enough small talks, time to move on, I'm getting bored here.") 

She told me she separated with her husband five years ago. I asked why (I'm not shy when it comes to probing other people's privacy... of course if I feel they are willing to share). 

"Well, one day he decided he no longer loved me, so he left." She said. 

"It was a hard time for me because I still loved him," she added after a pause, and kept on knitting the long white scarf for her daughter, who was now nineteen years, moved out of the house and living with her boyfriend. 

"Now I'm okay, I did a lot of inner work over the past years. Now I'm in meditation, I'm at peace." She said, put down her knitting and put on a calm smile on her face, the kind of smile some one had when they had gone through a lot of struggles, survived and even thrived. 

"I did try to find someone later, but you know it's hard at my age, men love young women, also I enjoy my aloneness too much for someone to come to my own space to disturb my peace... it would be too costly!!" She bursted out laughing, glowing with radiant self- love. 

Something really touched my heart when she said "I'm at peace." Yes, we were born alone, die alone. Aloneness is an inevitable part of the human existence. Togetherness is also beautiful, but all togetherness are illusions (given the impermanence of all things in life), except togetherness with the Divine. Whether one is in aloneness or togetherness, the most important thing is to be at peace, wherever you are, whatever you do. 

Be at peace with yourself, be at peace with your aloneness, the most beautiful gift of existence 💛




I had been in some kind of long distant relationships in the past,
perhaps all my romantic relationships somehow all ended up being long distant
at some point, given I move quite often. 

Sometimes I found myself complaining,
Like a little girl - 
"Why you are not here with me?"
"Why can't we be together?"
"Where is my Shiva?" 

Then one day I thought to myself - 
Why should I complain? 
Why should I bother waste my precious energy to
drown myself in this illusion of "romantic notion of togetherness"? 

I should be happy ! 
Afterall, no one is here to bother me!
I remember myself complaining too,
When there are people with me, even my loved one sometimes, 
Complain about needing space for myself... 
Sigh, the paradox of human existence.... 

I should be grateful for my aloneness!
Be happy with my aloneness !
Be happy with myself !
I have all the time in the world
to create, to learn new things,
to read, to dance, to write poetry...

Then I thought
To be Alone is indeed a BLESSING ! 




Aloneness is your blessing. 
Celebrate your aloneness. 
It's when people can be happy in their aloneness,
when they realise they are the Source of their own Happiness and Everything,
that's when they can come together as a strong union. 

The ultimate union is the Inner Union,
The Shiva and Shakti are all in you.
The Outer union is simply a reflection of this Inner Union. 


Tips on how to enjoy your aloneness: 

1. Meditate

2. Create a rich inner world
(once you've meditated enough,
you will understand yourself and creativity will flow
through you. Your inner world
will be so rich you will never feel bored)

3. Do things you enjoy, do them often
(for me it's writing, dancing, creating,
I just really enjoying creating something) 


How do you enjoy your aloneness? Free free to comment below :)