The Importance of Being Grounded


Taller the trees,
deeper the roots.
If one wants to soar high in the sky,
one must be deeply rooted in the earth. 


Sometimes when you are going through a period of expansion - expansion of the mind, heart and consciousness, you might feel that you have been to the moon and back, a strong altered state of consciousness, similar feeling that people experience when they are on psychedelics. 

This is what I feel I've been experiencing lately, a period of expansion, due to my intense tantric training with an embodied teacher. 

What I have realised is that when you are experiencing this period of expansion, it is utterly important to stay grounded, stay centered, not to be carried away with it. 

So what do I mean by that? 

When you are expanding, your heart keeps opening, you feel that everyone, everything is so beautiful, so blissful. You are totally blissed out, totally ecstatic. 

You feel that you can really love anyone, kiss anyone! You feel you can even say "I love you" to anyone easily, without fear,  without holding back, or even without thinking (when you are in the state of no-mind, you somehow really feel like you are in oneness with everything and everyone, even the word "each other" feels unnecessary to you! So why bother thinking!) 

That's what happens when you don't stay grounded. When you are in a state of complete open-heartedness, you may go into the "real world" thinking that everyone is on your frequency, but then again you realise that you are in the "real world" and not everyone is feeling blissed out like you in this moment. 

So it is better to contain this energy within, not necessary to share your bliss with everyone you see, be very aware of who you share your precious energy with. 

Often when you are in the period of expansion, if you don't stay grounded, you may open up to experience that may not necessarily serve you in this moment. 

For instance, you may feel so open that you can share your love with everyone, not realizing other people may have the wrong idea or misinterpret your openness. 

That's why it is important to stay grounded and centred, this is particularly important when you feel like flying over the moon.

Again, always come back to the body, to your centre. 



Tips for staying grounded and centred

Standing firmly on the ground (you can also touch the ground with your hands), imagining you are a big tree with roots growing very deep into mother earth. 

Stay there. Contain this energy within you instead of dispersing it randomly.