What Happens After Enlightenment and Different Stages of Enlightenment


More recently than ever I wonder what will happen when enlightenment comes one day. I know nothing in the world will change, but my entire being, existence and the world that's viewed through my eyes will change. 

More and more I experience longer states of samadhi (the state of no mind) especially during and after tantric rituals. That is why I am so certain that Tantra is my path in this lifetime. After that, it takes me quite a while to come down. I talk so slowly, walk so slowly, my mind is so silent, only in the here and now. When my friend tried to talk to me, I could only respond very slowly and with very few words. The desire to remain in this state is so strong that I feel too much talking can spoil it (as I'm also working on my foundation). 

That makes me wonder if one can still carry normal tasks when one becomes enlightened. I am sure the answer is yes, but I don't think one can be too busy or too occupied with worldly affairs (or even want to) as when one is in that state, there is really no desire arise. 

So good to stay there. It is my earnest desire in this lifetime to obtain satori. A psychic I met in Greece (who was also an Osho sannyasin)  last year told me that this would be my last lifetime on earth and I will finish all the work I suppose to do in this life. I believe in that strongly. 

Now I understand that when one goes up to the level of Sahasrara (crown), there will really be no sex. One will be too transcendent to even think about it (for people who think tantra is about sex, it really is not - it's about not denying sex, to go into it, to understand and eventually to transcend all desires). 

And I see why tantra is the fastest path of enlightenment. When one doesn't deny anything including sexuality, one will be much easier to understand and to transcend it. 

Transcendence is the goal. Everything else is irrelevant. 

But one does not even need to seek for it. When one's mind becomes silent, Satori comes, naturally. To me, direct experience is the key and though tantra, I have experienced states of satori. (No, I'm not enlightened yet, but I believe I've experienced glimpses of enlightenment, and perhaps at the second stage of Satori thanks to my tantric practice) 


The following passages Osho explains the different stages of Satori. 

There are three stages of enlightenment.

The first is when the first glimpse happens. I call it mini-satori. When, for the first time, for a single moment mind is not functioning, there is a gap – no thought between you and existence. You and existence, you and existence… for a moment… and the meeting, and the merging, and the communion, and the orgasm… but for a moment. And from that moment the seed will be in your heart and growing.

The second I call satori: that is when you have become capable of retaining this gap as long as you want. For hours together, for days together you can remain in this interval, in this utter aloneness, in God, with God, as God. But a little effort is still needed on your part. If you drop the effort the satori disappears. The first satori, the mini-satori, happened almost as an accident – you were not even expecting it. How can you expect? You had not known it before, you had never tasted it. How can you expect it? It came just out of the blue. Yes, you were doing many things – praying, meditating, dancing, singing – but they were all like groping in the dark. You were groping.

It will not happen if you are not groping at all. It happens only to ‘gropers’, real gropers – they go on groping, they never feel tired and exhausted, and they never feel hopeless. Millions of times they are defeated in their effort, and nothing happens, but they go on and on. Their passion for God is so tremendous. They can accept all kinds of defeats and frustrations, but their search continues. Unwavering, they go on groping. The darkness is great, it seems to be almost endless, but their hope is greater than the darkness. That is the meaning of faith; they grope through faith.

Faith means hoping for that which seems almost impossible. Faith means hoping against all hope. Faith means trying to see that which you have not seen, and you cannot even be certain whether it exists or not. A great passion is needed to have that much faith.

So to a groper who lives in faith and goes on and on, nothing ever prevents him. No failure ever settles in him; his journey continues. He is the pilgrim. Then one day it comes just out of the blue. You were not expecting. Unawares, it comes close to you and surrounds you. For a moment you cannot even believe… How can you believe? – for millions of lives a person has been groping, and it has not happened. The first time it looks almost like imagination, dream. But it is there, and it is so real that all that you have known before as real pales before it, becomes very faint. It is so real that it carries its certainty intrinsically. It is self-evident. You cannot suspect it. That is the criterion of whether the mini-satori has happened or not: you cannot doubt it. You can try, but you cannot doubt it. It is so certain that no doubt arises in that moment. It is simply there.

It is like the sun has risen… how can you doubt?

Then the second becomes a more conscious groping. Now you know it is, now you know it has happened. Now you know it has even happened to you! Now there is a great certainty. Now faith is not needed, now experience is enough. Now belief is not needed. Now its certainty permeates your whole being, you are full of it. Now you grope more consciously, you make efforts in the right direction. Now you know how it happened, when it happened, in what space it became possible. You were dancing? – then what was happening when it happened? In what way did the contact become possible? By and by, it happens again and again, and you can make out, figure out, reckon out how it happens, in what mood. In what mood do you fall in tune with it and it happens? Now things become more clear, now it is not just waiting in the darkness. You can start moving, you can have a direction.

Still you falter, still sometimes you fall, still sometimes it disappears for months. But never again can doubt arise in you. The doubt has been killed by the first satori. Then, more and more, it will come. And sooner or later you will become capable of bringing it on order. Whenever you want you can create that milieu in you which brings it. You can relax, if it comes in relaxation; you can dance, if it comes in dance. You can go under the sky if it comes there. You can watch a rose flower if it happens there. You can go and float in a river if it happens there.

That’s how all the methods have been discovered. They have been discovered by people when they found out that in a certain situation – make certain arrangements – it happens. Those became methods. By and by you become very very certain that if you desire it, any moment you will be able, because you can move your focus towards it. You can move your whole consciousness, you can direct your being.

Now you become able to see that it is always there; just your contact is needed. It is almost like your radio or like your TV: it is always there, sounds are always passing; you just have to tune the radio to a certain station – and the song, and the news. This is the second stage. But still, effort is needed to tune. You are not continuously tuned on your own, you have to work it out. Some days it is easy, some days it is hard. If you are in a negative mood it is hard, if you are angry, it is hard. If you are loving it is easier. In the early morning, it is easier, in the evening it is more difficult. Alone on a mountain, it is easier, in the market-place it is more difficult. So you start coming closer and closer, but still, effort is needed.

Then the third thing happens. When you become so capable of finding it that any moment, whenever you want it – not a single moment is lost – you immediately can pinpoint it, then the third thing happens. It becomes a natural quality. That I call samadhi.

Osho, I Say Unto You, Vol 1, Ch 4, Q 4