What is a Goddess (and How to Embody It)


If you have been friends with me for a while or on Facebook, you would probably know that I use the word "Goddess" quite a lot, I refer other sisters as Goddesses and also myself as a Goddess (unashamedly). Basically, I refer any female (or people who identify themselves as female) as a Goddess.

Transfigurative words like Goddess, Gods, Shiva and Shakti are used so commonly in Tantra, so when I use them I feel like an everyday word (especially if you have immersed in the tantric field for a while), and sometimes I forgot that not everyone around me is in the tantric field, so some people may find it a bit uncomfortable when I use words like Goddess and God. 

"Are you a narcissist, why do you call yourself a Goddess?" One man commented, "I've never met any woman who refers herself as a Goddess." he further added. Well, he was obviously not in the tantric field (and had not yet encountered any woman who practised tantra), so I forgave him.

As I wrote in my previous post, transfiguration is an important aspect in Tantra. In Tantra, we don't just see people as ordinary human beings, but rather we transfigure ourselves as Gods and Goddesses. We see the Divine in each other and honour our inner Gods and Goddesses.

Yes you are a human being, but you are also a God or a Goddess. Just think about this - scientists estimate the probability of your being born at about one in 400 trillion. It is a sheer miracle that we are being born and being alive. How can we not be Gods and Goddesses? We are clearly the chosen ones who are living on this very planet in this very moment. 

Also, I feel the path of tantra is a path for embodying my inner Goddess. To know is one thing, to embody is quite another. Just like it is easy to know what is enlightenment, but to actually experience it and embody it is quite another thing. 

 I feel that the first step towards embodiment is to acknowledge the inner divinity, the inner Goddess. If we don't acknowledge this inner Goddess, how can we embody it? Even Buddha must have known that he had the potential of becoming of a Buddha, that was why he went on seeking and eventually embodied it. 


Here I'm providing my perspectives on what is a Goddess. 

1. A Goddess does not need anyone's permission or approval to be who she wants to be, to do what she wants to do or doesn't want to do;

2. A Goddess accepts and loves herself unconditionally; 

3. A Goddess knows her self-worth and will not compromise for anything less; 

4. A Goddess is independent, self-fulfilled. Her happiness does not depend on any outer circumstances or anyone; 

5. A Goddess is loving and compassionate, she loves without attachment;

6. A Goddess is also courageous and fearless, a warrior goddess - when the situation requires her to act and speak up, she does so without hesitation; 

7. A Goddess can be playful, but that doesn't mean she can't see through the illusions. 

8. A Goddess is fully devoted to the path of self-realization, to embody the Divine Feminine and the betterment of the world and humanity; 

9. A Goddess creates a sacred union within, she marries the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to create balance in her being. 


Imagine a world where all women are told that we are all Goddesses, and all little girls are told that they are all Mini-Goddesses when growing up, what an empowering world it will be! If every woman can awaken the inner Goddess, there will be no suffering for women on this planet and many problems will be solved too.  


What are your thoughts on the concept of Gods & Goddesses?

And how do you think you can embody your inner divinity? 

Feel free to comment below :)




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