The Power of Sacred Women Circle (And Why We Need Them)


I first experience the transformative power of sacred women's space during a Mystical Tantra Goddess retreat in Turkey led by the legendary Monika Nataraj last year. It was an all female ten-day tantra retreat. Every day all the beautiful women would gather together to meditate, to dance, to transfigure, to share our deepest thoughts and desires, also our raw emotions, struggles, vulnerability, to hold space for each other, to allow each other to be truly seen, to dive deep into spirituality and sexuality.  

That retreat has completely transformed my life, not only have I developed a much deeper understanding of myself, but also I had a sexual awakening, and it was tremendously healing. 

I have been on the spiritual path for quite a while now, and it has been a journey of constant awakening, revelations. But there is something particularly empowering and healing of gathering all the women together, to explore, and to celebrate the mystical divine feminine power.  You also realise that you are not alone on your journey, your doubts, concerns and problems are also shared by other women too. 

After coming back from Turkey, I felt a strong calling to host women's circle, to do tantric and Goddess work. The seed was planted last year, and now I can see it slowly manifesting into reality. There are so many benefits of joining a sacred women circle: 

1. Sacred women circle allows you to dig deeper into your unconscious. 

Growing up in China, sexuality is something that no one would ever mention to me, not my parents, not my schools.  I have to figure everything out by myself. Even after moving to Australia, I feel that sexuality remains a taboo in the society, despite it is a much more liberated society, it is still not a topic that many people could broach easily. 

During my tantra retreat, I remembered that my very first "sexual experience" was actually with a girl. I said "remembered" because I had buried that memory deep into my unconscious mind for a very long time that I had already forgotten all about it. Until I dug deep into my unconscious mind, then memory resurfaced, and I remembered everything about it. I remembered I was trying to share this experience with my best friend at school, but the shame and guilt I experienced were so shattering that I could not utter a word, so I decided to bury that memory deep into my unconscious mind, and had completely forgotten about it. 

I also realised that what I am most drawn to is not confined to gender, race, nationalities, but energy,  genuine connection, authenticity, positive vibes, confidence, the courage of not afraid of being truly seen, and the willingness to be vulnerable. Afterall, we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. I see energy, I see aura, I see Soul. 

Men and women are all beautiful in my eyes (and people who choose to reject gender identity, you are also beautiful!).  There's something particularly alluring, charming about a wild woman who is completely comfortable in her own skin. She's not afraid to speak up her truth, to stand up for herself, to be truly seen. To me, beauty is not about the makeup, the dresses you wear (although I do appreciate outer beauty a lot too, as a Libra ruled by Venus, the planet of love, harmony & beauty). But inner beauty is so much more important and it is what truly matters! True beauty is authenticity, true beauty is being comfortable in one's own skin; true beauty is not afraid of speaking up your truth; true beauty is being YOU. Although I do have a preference for male when it comes to sexuality (also perhaps I have not fully explored a relationship with a female), I understand that my sexuality can also be quite fluid. 

Our conscious mind is just the tip of the iceberg, only a small percentage of the whole iceberg is visible (5-10%?), what we think we know, who we think we are; whereas a much larger bulk of the iceberg lies beneath the water, the unseen, that is our unconscious mind. There is always so much more to learn about ourselves. 

After exploring my sexuality and have been on the path of tantra,  when I come back to "reality",  I realise I have lost interest in ordinary, conventional sex. I was emotionally attached to a man at that time (a karmic soulmate, although I know in theory true love is non-attachment - as in you are not attached to the result, it was still difficult for me to put into practice, and the Universe was constantly throwing lessons at me, it has been a journey). And when we had sex again after I had explored my sexuality, for some reason, the connection was just not there anymore, and the intense emotional attachment I experienced also seemed to vanish into thin air. Then I knew I am only into sacred tantric sex, and I want a tantric partner to do tantric work together in the future. 


2. Sacred women circle is a safe space to share your honest thoughts. 

A sacred circle is a safe, non-judgmental space to share your honest thoughts, your doubts, your struggles and allowing yourself to be vulnerable, to be seen. In our daily life, we were often been told to be happy and to be strong. But sometimes we just don't have the energy to be happy and strong all the time, we need support to first "sort our shit out", then we can be happy and smiling again. 

I remembered a woman who shared in the circle said that her ex- husband suppressed her to dance. She almost burst into tears when she said it. I had that "me too" moment, except I had no husband but I could totally relate to her experience. 

During my past relationships, I have always felt a part of me was being compromised (I can't entirely blame others as it was also me who had contributed to it - I allowed it to happen). I love dancing a lot but some of my lovers could not relate to that, sometimes the first thing I do when I wake up is to dance, to sing, one lover told me "isn't it too early to dance?" and he lowered the volume and changed the music. The thing is if you truly love something, there is nothing as "too early" or "too late". He didn't understand that dancing is my life force - dancing, singing, writing, travelling, all these things are what make me alive.  I am a woman of high energy, and I can tell you not many men can handle a wild woman. So I am quite reluctant to get into a relationship easily, as I know myself quite well, I know what I want and I am not willing to compromise. 


3. Sacred women circle empowers your feminine essence. 

In the sacred space, we express ourselves through different kinds of dancing, transfiguring ourselves into different Goddesses, and realising that all these Goddesses are relevant in our daily life - how there is a Goddess (and Goddesses) residing within each of us. In our daily life, we can also invoke a Goddess to help us overcome certain obstacles. 

Movement is tremendously powerful to explore our feminine essence, to awaken the Shakti, the divine feminine energy. It is also immensely healing. My path started with yoga, yoga helps me to become comfortable with my body, and slowly I encountered mystical dance and I felt dancing is even a quicker way to help me to connect with my feminine essence (as yoga can be quite a masculine, strict practice sometimes depending on which type of yoga you are doing. Now I much prefer the sensual, goddess tantric yoga weaving with sensual dance movements). 


I just came back from Seven Sisters Festival held in the beautiful Mount Martha, a three-day annual women's festival celebrates, educates and inspires women in the areas of wellness, spirituality, personal development, self-worth, expression and sisterhood. 

After a week of soaking up in Mother Nature, and a whole weekend of dancing, all sorts of dancing, mystical, wild medicine dance, tribal belly dance, Bollywood dance, plus sound healing, shamanic breathwork, tantra yoga, yoga for the vagina, soulful poetry sharing and connecting with all the sacred sisters & goddesses, my soul is now supercharged! Ready to come back to "reality" and to "hold more", to stay centered and grounded, integrating spirituality into "reality".

I feel immensely grateful for Seven Sisters Festival for creating sacred space for all the beautiful women, to allow us to be seen, to be heard, to know that it is totally okay to be different, to not "fit in", to not conform, to be utterly unique, to be YOU, to support each other, to grow and evolve collectively, to empower women, to awaken women and to accelerate the paradigm shift in consciousness. 


That is why sacred women's circle and women's only festival like Seven Sisters are tremendously transformative and healing, and beneficial in contributing to the acceleration of awakening the divine feminine power (I also believe men should create sacred space too as men also need support, to harmonise their inner divine masculine and divine feminine energies). 

To all the wild women, the free, the untamed spirits, you are all my inspiration and I love you all. I bow to the divinity and inner Goddesses within you. Please keep shining your light, spreading your love and keep creating magic!! The World needs you, the unique, the one and only, the beautiful you. The world needs your special talents and gifts. 

Unleash your divine feminine power and dive deep into your inner journey. Join me at the sacred women's circle on 11th March. Discover your Mystical Dancer and inner Goddess as she unveils herself through various kinds of dance. Your divine muse will be rekindled after this gathering. A generous amount of creativity and inward visioning manifest. Your energized, inspired, sensual, connected feminine will shine forward, revitalized and loved.

Also I've realised some of you may have been at Seven Sisters, so I have extended the early bird date to 8th March, woman's day :) To book, please click here.

Always remember you are a child of God, a child of the Universe,
'no less than the trees and stars.
You have a right to be here' (Desiderata).
It's your birthright to be happy,
to be blissful, to be joyous,
to be YOU, to live,
to create and manifest the life you truly want.