Money and Spirituality


Yes, today let's talk about money. 

Money, like sex, is probably not the most comfortable topic for most people to utter. Many religions in the world have condemned money (just like they have condemned sex), advocating for poverty. They deem material possessions as evil and the desire for money is considered a sin. It is a common belief that money and spirituality don't mix.

This, I do not agree. 

First of all, I believe that money and spirituality don't contradict each other (just like sex and spirituality don't contradict each other). In fact, I've discovered that conscious money making and spirituality can actually go quite well together.


1. Money is Energetically Neutral. 

Money in its original form is energetically neutral; It's just paper. 
(Heart Sutra: all phenomena in their own-being are empty.)

Money itself isn't good or bad. It is how we obtain it, how we approach it and utilize it which ultimately determines the energy that we carry with it. 

If money is made and used consciously, then I don't see anything wrong with having money. Money is in fact quite a good thing.

Money can help us to expand and accelerate our spiritual growth. Money allows us to be multidimensionally rich. With some money, it is much easier for us to pursuit our dreams and to create a life we truly want. 

Everything in the Universe is energy.  Money is also simply energy, so to manifest wealth is also creative energy. If you want to attract this energy into your life, then you have to be open for it. Just like if you want to attract love into our life, you also have to be open for love. 

You need to let the Universe knows that you are ready to receive.  
You need to believe in yourself that you are worthy. 

Also creating wealth helps us to accelerate even further on our spiritual journey (without money, I would not be able to go anywhere to learn from all these amazing teachers). 


2. Developing Wealth Consciousness 

To generate wealth in our life, we also need to develop wealth consciousness. If you have a problem generating wealth, then think about where you might have blocked yourself from receiving wealth in your life?

I have a friend in China, whenever I asked her to help me with something, I offered to pay her, but she always refused. However, I know deep down she really wants to manifest money. 

She doesn't quite understand why she couldn't manifest money in her life. 

To me, it is quite apparent that she has blocked herself from receiving money (she said no to money too many times when the Universe was acting as me or other people to give her money).

Her actions are contrary to her desires, so wealth did not manifest in her life. And her actions stemmed from her limiting beliefs. 

She might think that because we were good friends, so we shouldn't talk about money (a common Chinese belief). But imagine if you are a good friend to everyone, and everyone asks you for a favour, and you never mention money, then how about your time and energy? What's the value you place on your time and energy? What's the value you place on your self-worth? 

To me, time is much more than money. One can use time to generate money, but one can never use money to buy back more time. You can accumulate money, but you can never accumulate more time, so it is important that you value your precious time and energy, use your time and energy wisely, to direct them to the things that matter to you the most. In that way, you can manifest the life you truly want. 
(Yes time and money are all illusions in the spiritual realm, but let's talk about it in the material world since we are also living in the material world.)

Our relationship with the outer world also directly reflects our inner relationship with ourselves. A lot of times, we may have unconsciously blocked wealth from manifesting in our life due to fear, limiting beliefs and low self-esteem. 

We may think that we are not worthy, or we don't deserve it.
We may be afraid to receive or think that we may owe other people something if we receive from others. 
Also, we may have the limiting belief that it is impossible to do what we love and manifest money at the same time (I've noticed that this is a common limiting belief by a lot of spiritual workers, including my old-self). 

This Universe is neutral, she will not judge.
Whatever you think, you are right.
Whether you believe you can or you can't, you are both right.

It is often those who believe they can that eventually make it and change the world, also by doing what they love. To me, that is the most fulfilling life. 


Money has never really been a problem in my life, I am aware that I'm indeed very blessed in this aspect. 

But maybe because money has never really been a problem in my life, I sometimes felt I might have taken it for granted. I may have forgotten that it was because of money, I could afford to roam the world freely and it was because of money, I had much more freedom to design the life I want to live. 

I have also discovered that if you don't care about money, money also won't care about you (law of attraction). And in the past I found I could be doing too much, wasting my energy and time, but did not receive much money in return. 

So now I have become much more conscious about money, because I value my time and energy, money is something that we use in the society to reflect the worth of our time and energy, so I respect money. Developing wealth consciousness has also been a vital part of my spiritual journey. 


3) You Are Worthy. 

As spiritual beings, we are infinitely abundant, so of course, we deserve to have wealth in our life, to do what we love and to create wealth at the same time. 

As lightworkers who are working in the material world, we should also follow some rules of this world in order to play the game called life deeply. To me, this is also tantra, non-duality. 

If you want to change the system, then you have to be in the system in the first place. Imagine a world where all the money is in the hands of conscious beings who can make a positive impact in the world, then it will be a much better world. 

So to all the spiritual workers, lightworkers and all the conscious beings out there, don't think that money is not good (if you have any negative belief about money, then you will not manifest it in your life). One needs to understand that the world we live in indeed requires money to make it sustainable for the work we do. 

Of course, recognizing the importance of money does not mean one has to become a slave to money. One shall never become a slave to money, just like one shall never become a slave to one's minds and thoughts. 

I know very clearly that money is simply a tool that helps me to design the life I want and to accomplish my soul mission in this lifetime, and no more than that. 

So I support all the lightworkers and spiritual workers to charge when offering workshops and retreats, (I've spent quite a lot on my own spiritual tuition and I'm grateful for all the invaluable education I've received). 

Yes, money is not our goal, but we also want to do what we love and manifest money at the same time to support our soul mission, so we don't have to do odd jobs to support our dreams, particularly jobs that drain too much of our energy that we don't have any energy left to bring forth our dream. 

Also, money is a test to see if your students are ready to open up, to see if they are willing to pay for their next stage of evolution. If they are not ready, then they probably shouldn't come to the course in the place, so the teacher also won't have to waste his or her time and energy. 

When one realizes that there is nothing more important than self-realization in this lifetime, then one will not care to pay for what is valuable. 

People spend a few hundred thousand dollars or even millions to purchase properties and cars, to purchase branded bags and makeups, why shouldn't people spend money on more spiritual workshops and retreats? To me, this is much more important than other material possessions.

The material world we live in does not place "self-realization" as the top priority, it does not teach about liberation and how to live a truly happy and fulfilling life, so as lightworkers we have to change this system, also we have to change people's mindset about paying for spiritual education, also this can help make the environment much more sustainable for lightworkers.

We need to make people understand that their outer manifestation is directly relevant to their inner world. There is no separation between your inner and outer world. Whatever outer state you are experiencing, or environment you are in, it is ultimately related to your inner state. 

Hence, that is why spiritual education is important - by going deeper within, we can manifest a better outer life.  

To me, in this lifetime, there is nothing more important than being self-realized, there is nothing more important than evolving our consciousness and liberating from all sufferings in life. And money is a useful tool to help us to accelerate on our soul journey, as long as we generate our money consciously and use our money consciously to serve, there is nothing wrong with money.

Okay, let's put it in a positive term, conscious money making is very good for our spiritual growth, just like conscious loving relationship and conscious sexuality. In fact, nothing in life is contrary to spirituality as long as we remain conscious in whatsoever we are doing, we can very well integrate spirituality in all aspects of life. 



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