We are All Goddesses Having a Human Experience


To all the Sacred Sisters, the Wild Women,
the High Priestesses, the Gypsies, the Goddesses,
the Shamanesses, the Mothers, the Visionary, 
Never forget you all have a unique inner Goddess. 

To say one is a goddess is not from the ego,
it is not narcissistic. 
To say one is a goddess is to recognize the inner goddess,
the inner beauty, the inner strength,
to awaken the Shakti (creative force), 
to embody the divine feminine, 
the source of where we are coming from. 

To say one is a goddess is
to realize our true worth,
to reclaim our birthrights,
to transfigure in our daily life
beyond the mundane existence, 
to connect with our higher self, 
to embody, to serve from our higher self.

Dear sacred sisters,
You were born a Goddess, 
Never forget your true identity. 
Awaken the Goddess within. 



Feeling the call to awaken the Goddess within? 

If so,  join me for a Sacred Women Circle, Goddess Ceremony on 11th March, 
to awaken and honour the inner goddess.
Reveal your powerful feminine through
a unique combination of sacred dance, ceremony,
tantric techniques for women and celebration.

To awaken the inner goddess, click here