A Strong Desire to Self-Realisation


I have a strong desire
to be Self-reaslised
In this lifetime. 

The urge is so strong that
sometimes it's overwhelming.
I can't sleep,
it's devouring me
A fire burning inside me,
A silent volcano about to erupt.
A powerful rupture. 

Nothing is more important to me
than self-realisation. 

I know this will be my
last lifetime on Earth. 
I'm not coming back
after this. 

This is it.

A Greek psychic did a
deep channelling on me
last year in Santorini. 

She said I was a Buddha man
for many lifetimes,
crying under Buddha's feet
begging for help. 

She said this would be
My last time. 
She said I could finally
finish all the work on Earth
In this lifetime.

I believe her.

She said I nearly
Obtained Nirvana
In Russia and Thailand
last lifetime.

She said I should go to Thailand,
there are good teachers there.
He is a man.

I said I'm going to Thailand,
very soon. Before she
even suggested it. 
It was already planned out
by the Divine. 

She said I'm not alone on this journey,
I have many souls from my family
who will come forward and
walk the path together.

Support each other.
Ascend together.
Towards Oneness.
Evolving to Light. 

I feel I have already connected
with some of them. 
And many more are
I experience
Abundant Synchronicities

I feel a Strong Vibrational Energy
In the Air.
A new Paradigm Shift.  
A Stargate Portal opening up.
Divine purpose, Unveiled. 
A Manjor Transformation is

Dear soul families,
Now it's the time. 



Anjali Love