What's Stopping You from Living Your Dream Life?

photo taken in Cappadocia, Turkey

photo taken in Cappadocia, Turkey

Yesterday I hosted my first sacred women circle, and my soul felt immensely delightful and fulfilled after that. I knew I was truly serving my soul purpose, walking on the right path. One of my deepest passion in life is female empowerment, to help more women to awaken their inner goddesses. I am grateful for all the beautiful goddesses who showed up yesterday for their souls' work.  

Stepping into Sacred temple 

Stepping into Sacred temple 

We did various kinds of dance, including belly dance, shamanic trance dance and Sufi whirling. We danced for ourselves and for partners. We allowed ourselves to be seen, to be vulnerable. We also shared our honest thoughts and did a Shiva and Shakti conversation (one of my favourite tantric exercises). 

One of the questions from the Shiva-Shakti conversation is 'What's stopping you from getting what you want?' One participant shared that she had an overwhelming feeling of sadness as she realised it was herself who was stopping her from getting what she wanted, it was her own beliefs. I could so relate to that. When I first did the exercise in my tantra retreat, it also dawned on me that I was the reason that was stopping me from manifesting what I want in life. It was my own limiting beliefs, self-doubts, fear, the fear of I'm not good enough, the fear of I'm not ready, the fear of not trusting the process. 


The Universe is neutral and does not judge. The Universe responds to whatever you think. Whether you think you can do it or not, you are both right. Whether you think you are good enough or not, you are both right. 

You are What's Stopping You from Getting What You Want In Life. 

Deep down we all knew what we supposed to be doing.
Deep down we all knew what kind of life we want to live. 
Deep down we all knew what kind of relationship we want to have. 
Deep down we have all the answers. 

But have we truly aligned our mind with our heart and soul to manifest what we want? Have we genuinely directed our energy and actions to manifest what we want? 

I knew I wanted to host a sacred women circle last year when I came back from Turkey after my tantra retreat. It was clearly in my mind, but I put that on hold for quite a while (half a year!). I felt I wasn't ready (although I was clearly ready after investing all the money into my tantra retreats, all the knowledge was still fresh in my mind when I came back), but it was my mind who believed I wasn't ready. I fell into the old pattern of thinking and behaviours when I got back. Instead, I put on another workshop, a workshop I previous conducted at a yoga studio when I could have just put on a women's circle! I made up excuses, I procrastinated and fell back to what was familiar, the security, instead of venturing into the unknown. 

I also knew that I wanted to publish my poetry books a while ago, but I kept putting it on hold (for one year!). Until late last year when I was heartbroken from a relationship (also due to old patterns of behaviours), I finally had another awakening moment that I had to prioritise my soul's purpose first and I had to stop making up excuses for myself. Awakening is a constant process. Just when you thought you had learned your lessons, the Universe would throw you another test to see if you have indeed learned. 

I know what kind of life I want to live. 
I want to do what I love, to serve and live a meaningful life, also manifesting wealth at the same time. 
I want to conduct female empowerment and tantra workshops and retreats around the world.
I want to be an author, a novelist and poet (I knew there are many books within me. I'm getting there :) Just need to publish my novels!). 
I want to create online courses, to be a mentor and spirit guide. 
I want to manifest a spiritual partner (someone equal or who can guide me) to do spiritual work together. 

So I am writing this post as a self-reminder and also hope it can inspire you to step into your own power to create the life you truly want, to shift your mindset and believe that you can, to live an expansive life, a life you know you truly deserve. 



If you missed my sacred women's circle, don't worry, I will have a three-day Awaken the Inner Goddess Workshop in May, I will also have online courses and conduct online circles. Details will be announced soon.

Also, I have another workshop this coming Sunday - Rumi: the Path of Love & the Wisdom of Heart. You can book here.  In this workshop, we will share Rumi's Divine poetry, learn the mystical Sufi Whirling techniques, one of the most ancient meditation methods. We will also learn about the wisdom of the heart, how to tune into our heart, to align our mind with our heart and to live a heart-based life. 

I will also have a mystical retreat in Peru in September this year, details will be announced soon (I've hosted a few retreats before but nothing has excited me more than this one). 

My second poetry book This Eternal Romance is also available for pre-order. A poetry book about romance, sexuality, healing, divine love and everything in-between. You can click here.

So yes it is an exciting time. I feel many things are happening and manifesting in the air :) Magic happens when you shift your mindset, step into your own power and trusting the process. 


Love & Light

Live Limitlessly, Expansively.