The Importance of Having Difficult Conversations


I'm a Libra, so I tend to dislike conflicts and avoid difficult conversations. Also, I was brought up in a culture that "challenging conversations" are considered bad to have, so oftentimes I pretended that they were not there, or wishfully thinking that the problem would somehow just go away, whether it was in my work or relationship with others.  

When it comes to having difficult conversations, it is natural to have fear. We may fear that there was no problem in the first place and by having the conversation, it would somehow create the problem, or we may fear that the problem will become worse, or we may fear that it will hurt others' feelings.

However, I have come to realise that by delaying difficult conversations and avoiding challenging situations are not really the best way to resolve issues. Instead, it would have a pervasive effect and sometimes even magnify the problem. By avoiding to deal with challenging situations is in no way beneficial to my emotional well-being and spiritual growth. 

It's time for me to step into my divine masculine, to bring up the inner strength and have the courage to speak honestly how I truly feel.  It feels much better and liberating to speak our truth, to overcome our fears and speak from our authentic voice. Difficult conversations often clarify the situation, help to reveal blind spots (which may resolve the issue), create the opportunity for growth, also helps to build confidence and trust.  

If we can practice compassion and respect for each other, difficult conversations are not as difficult as they seem. If you have a difficult conversation in the back of your mind, I would encourage you to speak up and to deal with it when you feel the energy is right.  

Tips for having difficult conversations: You don't have to deal with it straight away if you feel that you are not really in the best mindset/headspace. Instead, you can wait when you feel you or the other party has calmed down or you now have the energy to deal with it. Also, think about what you would say, and acknowledging what others are going through, try to hold space for each other, and honouring and accepting that it is okay to have different perceptions as each of us is going through our own journeys. 


Love, Peace & Bliss