Past Lives & Reincarnation


I don’t talk too much about this topic openly with other people as people may easily misunderstand and think I am just talking nonsense. But I feel Now is the time to reveal more truth.

First and foremast, past lives and reincarnation is very real and true. Reincarnation and karma are the fundamental truth of human existence.

There have also been many scientific studies on the subject and many children when they were born, they could recall their past lives. And if one has ever had a near death experience, one would come into contact with the realm after life and know that there is no real death.

It is sometimes surprising to see how most people still don’t know about this truth (but before my awakening journey I also had no clue, so it was probably not that surprising to see how deep we humans have been conditioned in the matrix).

We are in essence soul beings having human existence. When we die, it’s only our physical bodies decay, the souls will keep reincarnating. The reason for reincarnation is for us to keep learning all the soul lessons that we haven’t finished learning in previous lives.

For those who have finished learning all the soul sessions (the enlightened ones), then one is free from all karmas and can exit from the Samsara (the cycle of birth and death), unless the soul also chooses to come back to help humanity, like many boddhisattvas (who have obtained buddahood but chooses to remain in merciful attachment to the world so they can help more people to obtain there first).

I know for people who don’t have direct experience of past lives or knowing, it could be difficult to believe there is such a thing as past life as no body has told us. We not only have one past life but many many past lives, hundreds, thousands or even millions. In truth, there is no such thing as death. So these days I actually don’t get upset when I hear people die and even if I die one day, I won’t feel upset because I have come to know the truth (and as long as I fulfilled my mission here on earth, there is nothing to be upset about). Also when one knows that death is an inevitable part of life, what is there to be upset about? The only thing to be upset about is one has not truly lived and felt alive before death (again, the death here we talk about is only the physical decay of the body).

When one comes in touch with the truth, one knows that there is really no death. We are all eternal soul beings. What we call death is simply a new beginning.

Also everything happens for a reason. The family you choose to reincarnate from is because you have soul contracts with them and also the people that are important in your life. They are all here to help you evolve into your highest version. All the pain, suffering and everything you experience in this life are here to help you grow and evolve. As soul beings, we all want to be eternally free. The purpose of evolution is to evolve into eternally free, love & light beings. It is only when we get there, we will keep learning on this path.

The things you do here on the earthly plane also have something to do with your past lives, and (if you have some record of your past lives). Our natural affinity towards something, likes and dislikes all have something to do with past lives. For instance, some people when they were born, they knew that they wanted to be actors or they just knew what they had to do, they knew about their soul purpose from a young age, this could also have something to do with their past lives.

I will share with you a few of my past lives. I don’t have memories all of all past lives (that would be impossible and too much burden). One life is already enough. Also the purpose of my sharing is not to convince you to believe me, I’m simply sharing of what I have come to know, whether other people believe or not, it’s not of my concern. My purpose is to let people know such things exist, despite we have never been taught by anybody else in this life.

1) Chinese Goddess | Queen Mother of the West

There is a reason why in this life I was born Chinese, teaching Goddess and Tantric work and in the West. When I say I come from the soul lineage of Goddesses, Dakinis and High Priestesses, I’m actually not kidding.

During a recent Ayahuasca ceremony, it brought me to an enlightening state - the state of all knowing. And I came to know that I am the reincarnation of the ancient Chinese Goddess, whose name is called the Queen Mother of the West (西王母). She is one of the most revered goddess from the Taoist tradition.

It makes sense to me why I’m doing Goddess work and tantric work in this lifetime. And why I’m channelling all these Goddesses (because we are from the same soul lineage/family) and we work together to help humanity to ascend to a higher level of consciousness.

Also it’s interesting how at the moment I can only do this work in the West (as it is not allowed in China) and the Queen Mother of the West is normally associated with the West.

2) Sufi Mystic

I had a past life of being a Sufi mystic from Persia, which I wrote an article about it. See My Deep Connection with Rumi .

3) Shaman

I had a past life of being a shaman in Peru, this was also again revealed from my ayahuasca ceremony. And I knew in two years time I will go back to Peru to study under the apprenticeship of my shaman and also become a shaman myself in this life.

4) Buddhist

I had a past life of being a Buddhist, crying under Buddha’s feet and asking for enlightenment.

5) Extraterrestrial

I also have a past life (past lives) of being an extraterrestrial from a highly evolved planet who then came here on earth for scientific research and help awakening of humanity. I believe I’m of Sirians origin, who also have a very close connection with the feline (which explains why I have a natural affinity to cats). I had ET encounter when I was 18 and two years ago they also asked me to channel a novel for them. Hopefully this novel will come to live at divine timing.

6) Osho Sannyasin

Also for a very recent past life, I believe I was an Osho Sannyasin and I have been in the presence of Osho and had direct transmission from him (Hence, also his sannysin in this life). It is interesting in this life I’ve never met him, he already left his physical body when I was born, but I felt such a close connection with him and I knew I have seen him before and been very close to him.


Of course, one can say all these are just stories, imaginations I had created in my mind. I’m not interested in convincing people. I know whatever I say, there will always be the naysayers and people who don’t believe, which is fine. My job is only here to share, that’s all.

Also I’m not attached to my past lives. Knowing some of these past lives help me with this life on earth, my soul purpose here is very clear. But the most important thing is this life, the Here Now. What I can do in this life to fulfil my soul purpose. And this will be my last human life on earth, unless I choose to reincarnate.

Love & Light