My Deep Connection with Rumi: A Sufi Past Life


“The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere,
they are in each other all along.”
~ Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi


Two years ago, I had a strange vivid dream.
In my dream, I was in deep love with a Persian man
(whom I could not recall his face)
In my dream, I was explaining to my Chinese father (whom had left
his physical body five years ago) everything about Persian culture,
Persian history, Persian food…

In my dream, I was so knowledgable about
everything Persian related,
I was perhaps also a Persian myself….

When I woke up, I thought to myself,
What a weird dream.

Because in this life, I knew nothing about Persia
(and no, I don’t have any Persian lover in this life),
except a few days ago I saw a friend who
posted her spiritual travel photos from Iran.
A spark ignited in my heart,
my soul sang when I saw those shining mosques,
a deep familiarity arose…

My soul longed to go there,
and I started to google about Iran.

A few days later, I pretty much forgot about it and
started to prepare for my Indian trip.


One week later, I found myself in Goa,
where I brought my first retreat group to Goa.
There I met a Turkish man
who was talking about Sufi whirling,
how those dervishes could whirl and whirl non-stop
for many many hours…

I smiled, as if I knew.
I had started reading Rumi’s poetry
for quite a while and my interests in Sufism
had grown. I listened tentatively,
and took note of everything he said.

There, on the beach of Goa,
I started dancing, my body started whirling unconsciously,
experiencing ecstasy through
Union with the Divine.


Two weeks after I found myself at Osho ashram in Pune, India.
The first thing I saw outside of the ashram was a Sufi music store.

This was the note I wrote at Osho two years ago
(thanks to fb, I could find it):

“Every day in this place brings me new discoveries & insights
about who I am, even past life memories starting to emerge.
I've never meditated and danced so much in my life. 

More importantly, I've never whirled so much in my life!
In fact, I've never whirled before until I came to Osho
(nor did I know or learn about how to whirl before)
Here my body just started to whirl
during each dancing stage of all the various meditations
(dynamic, kundalini, dance in Osho,
all the meditations are made up by different stages and dancing is often one part of many meditations). 

I whirled, whirled and whirled...
in the first two days I felt a bit dizzy and
at the beginning my mind was a bit scared that I would fall (and I did fall),
but my body just kept on doing the act,
so slowly my mind surrendered to my body.
Then yesterday and today I whirled like crazy,
I whirled for more than half an hour and there was no dizziness. 

Everything became so clear to me as I kept on whirling.
Although I was whirling relatively fast, I could see everything,
I could see what everyone else was doing,
I could feel many people's energy.
It was as if I entered into another realm of reality:
I was simply witnessing everything happening around me. 

And then this morning during the 6am dynamic meditation
I whirled again in the pyramid shaped Osho auditorium
(where large group meditations take place)
As I whirled, I saw the pyramid coming down to me,
the pyramid expanded and became so close to me,
just above my head.
I still kept on whirling then
a clear inner voice told me

“In my past life I was a Sufi mystic, Rumi is my master.
I need to go to Turkey and Iran to find out more.” 

That explained why I'm so drawn to Rumi's poems and mysticism...
(I already knew I was a mystic, but this discovery just further reaffirming it and brought me closer to the centre of my being)  

As the music slowed down, my whirling also slowed down and this time with perfect control
(no more falling, no more wobbling),
I raised my arms and slowly stopped my whirling,
there was zero dizziness, but only ecstasy.
I was more awake and more conscious than ever.
There's actually no word to describe the magical and mysterious experience.
Words just become so powerless,
one can only experience it. 

I merged into oneness with the divinity,
The higher self 
The soul 
The consciousness

Or whatever you like to call it. 

sufi whirling.jpg


Synchronicity is everywhere.

After this powerful revelation, the next day,
I met quite a few Iranian mystics at the ashram.
We shared our love for our beloved master Rumi,
his Divine Poetry.

One of them told me if I ever go to Iran,
please let him know.
He would arrange for me.
Food and accomodation, everything for free.

And as if Osho is worried that I didn't get it
(or not enough signs already),
"coincidentally" there's a no dimension meditation in the afternoon
(aka. sufi meditation).

Again I experienced oneness with divine when I kept on whirling and whirling.
At the end of the meditation, a lovely old Indian man
(who was also whirling like crazy during the meditation)
came to me, gave me a firm warm hug
and kissed my forehead, 
and said "God bless you, you are a Sufi"
and we just kept smiling at each other.
We connected instantly because we all understand
how magic happens when we start whirling. 

I'm forever grateful for all these new discoveries.
Every moment in this place is just magical.
Life is just so magical when you start to discover who you are.
Life is so magical when you are on the journey into the inner self. 

I'm forever grateful for Osho's guidance.
I know very soon the Universe will bring me to Turkey and Iran for more discoveries.”


When I got back to Melbourne from India,
a girlfriend of mine whom we had not been in contact for a while,
out of nowhere, asked if I wanted to go to Iran with her.
(she was not exactly on the spiritual path,
and her purpose of going to Iran was completely different from mine).

I said yes without hesitation.

Within half a year, all the synchronicity in life lead me to a
Sufi pilgrimage to Iran & Turkey.


In Iran, I connected with many underground Sufi mystics,
they welcomed me like their family.
I received the warmest hospitality I’ve ever received.


They also took me to their Sufi semas (ceremonies),
which was hosted in secret locations in Iran
(Sufism had been deeply repressed by the mainstream Islam in Iran,
so all the Sufis had gone underground and
could only host semas very secretly.
It was sad for me to see how Sufism
had been repressed in Iran).


I travelled to
the capital Tehran, the desert city Yazd,
the beautiful Isfahan, and the poetic Shiraz.
I also went to Gorgan, near the Caspean sea.

Everywhere I went, I was well received by
all the beautiful Sufi mystics.

My heart was forever grateful for
the encounters of all the beautiful souls and
all the magical memories in Iran.

In Iran, visited the tomb of Bayazid Bostami, the lord of mystics

In Iran, visited the tomb of Bayazid Bostami, the lord of mystics

More Iranian travel photos can be viewed here.


A few months later, synchronicity also brought me to Turkey,
where I was attended a Tantric Goddess retreat.

After my retreat, I followed my heart and
travelled to Cappadocia and Konya,
where Rumi’s tomb was buried.

Rumi’s presence and energy was
particularly strong in Konya.

Me in front of my beloved Master Rumi’s tomb

Me in front of my beloved Master Rumi’s tomb

Beloved Here I am
Oh how My soul
has longed for this moment
When I came near
Your tomb My body froze
Chill and goosebumps all over

My mind fell into
Silence instantly
My eyes closed
Your poetry came to me
My heart filled With unspoken truth

An infinite amount of love
Pouring out of my heart
Tears of bliss
Falling down my cheeks

Beloved I feel your
Divine energy
Your Omnipresent Presence

Despite you've discarded
Your physical body Long ago
A Sufi came over
And gave me an orange prayer beads

I accepted with Gratitude
Our eyes met
We did not even
Speak a word

Yet we spoke
A thousand words
Even Thank you seemed

We understood
Each other perfectly

No words can describe
The beauty of
This tremendous silence
when I'm in front of you

Like a baby
Sleeping peacefully
In the cradle
Glimpses of Eternity in
A single moment

Beloved My heart belongs to you
And yours only

I've been touched deeply
By you
For over a thousand years
Please don't take me
Away from you
I'm yours Forever and ever

Ishq' Allah Hu Allah
La ilaha illallah


This is the time for the return of Rumi
Also thinking about starting Rumi Love Festival in Melbourne
to share more of Rumi’s Divine Love.

Many visions and inspirations are coming,
my beloved Master will guide me
and manifesting this at Divine Timing.


Also a word about past life:
One has many past lives.
Sometimes glimpses of past life will reveal to us
when we are in deep meditations.
The knowledge of our past lives can be helpful for this life,
but one also needs to remember that the most important thing is
in the Now, in this life.
How we can make the most out of this life.


"The real question is not whether there is life after death, 
the real question is whether you are alive before death." 

- Osho 


Upcoming workshops in Melbourne:

Sacred Feminine Circle (1 Dec)

Tantra of the Heart (2 Dec)

Tantra Meditation Weekend Retreat (15 - 16 Dec)

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International retreat:

5 Day Sacred Feminine Tantra Immersion Retreat in Goa, India

Love, Peace & Bliss