When You Think You Know, Again You Know Nothing


The word enlightenment can mean different things to different people. Here I will use Osho’s definition, see three stages of enlightenment. I will briefly summarise below:

The first is when the first glimpse happens. I call it mini-satori. When, for the first time, for a single moment mind is not functioning, there is a gap – no thought between you and existence. You and existence, you and existence… for a moment… and the meeting, and the merging, and the communion, and the orgasm… but for a moment. And from that moment the seed will be in your heart and growing.

The second I call satori: that is when you have become capable of retaining this gap as long as you want. But a little effort is still needed on your part. If you drop the effort the satori disappears.

Then the third thing happens. When you become so capable of finding it that any moment, whenever you want it – not a single moment is lost – you immediately can pinpoint it, then the third thing happens. It becomes a natural quality. That I call samadhi.


A lot of things are unfolding after my first satori experience. If Osho is right, I feel that my experience was most likely the first Satori. And the second satori is happening but it still requires my effort to maintain it, especially if I’m having a busy day. I have to be very alert, very aware, otherwise, the mind could have a chance to come back. However, the first Satori left me with no doubt that I knew how to get there, but just some effort would require on my part to maintain it.

The effort is also to be totally relaxed. When I’m totally relaxed and aware, I’m here. And this is most easily done when I’m alone, not being too busy. So practice is still tremendously important after the first Satori. Many things are unfolding in the moment, and I feel I cannot say anything too definite now.

I will have to go deeper in my being to integrate this experience in my every day life, to maintain it doesn’t matter what I’m doing; but also to be totally relaxed, and not be too serious about anything, following the joy and bliss of the heart, I know the third stage will happen one day, sooner or later.

Also, why I believe enlightenment is permanent? Because once you have experienced the first Satori, the gap between no mind and mind is too big and there is no way for you to want to go back to the previous stage. You only want to stay there for as long as possible, and when satori has totally integrated in your entire being to become Samadhi, it has to be permanent.


But again, when one is having such experience, I feel one also cannot say something too definitive, as many things are unfolding in the moment. When one thinks one knows, again one may not know anything as the divine spiritual wisdom is infinite and existence remains an eternal mystery.

~ With Love & Blessings ~