Why the World Needs More Enlightened Women


Women probably have been suffering the most and the longest throughout human history, in every culture, every country and also in every religion, women could be found as the victims of cruelty, of violence, of abuse, of discrimination…basically women have been the victims of every form of abuse since the inception of human history.

I came from a an ancient culture in which the feminine had been deeply suppressed thoughout many many centuries. Women had no rights for a very very long time, women were nothing but only subservient of men. Throughout Chinese long history of monarch, there had only been one female empress ever! Not too long ago in our history, Chinese women had to bound their feet to appear as sexually appealing to men, and even now still many Chinese babies girls are still being killed each year because of their gender (China has a long history of female infanticide spanning 2000 years).

It is not just in China, but also in India, in Africa, in many developing countries and underdeveloped countries, the amount of cruelty that had been done on women are just unbelievable, unjustifiable.

One must ask what’s the root cause of women’s suffering? On the surface, it seems the global patriachal system contributed greatly to the cause of women’s suffering. Indeed, the system is problematic to favour men over women for any reason, but as women, we must also ask why we allow this to happen in the first place? Why we become submissive to the authority so easily, why we agree to things we don’t feel right?

The root cause of women’s suffering is not so much about men and the patriarchal system, rather it lies on the collective consciousness of women. If the world has more enlightened and awakened women, then less women will suffer as they know that it is their choice to say no, it is their choice to speak up, it is their choice to fight for their rights.

When all women on this planet become enlightened, that’s when the suffering of women will end, instantly, on a global scale. And perhaps that’s when the suffering of all beings on the world could end, as women are naturally more compassionate beings!

The #metoo compaign is great for women to speak up, to raise their voices, but it should not turn into a compaign against men, as not all men are perpetrators.

Women must be more alert and aware, to raise their consciousness, to be able to see the root cause of their suffering, and to honour and love ourselves unconditionally, to know that we are sacred divine beings, goddesses on earth, and our spirit cannot be tamed so easily.