Why the Master-Disciple Relationship can be a Fast-track to Enlightenment


It is true our intuition, our heart and soul are our best teachers We are indeed our own gurus. But before the guru within us has become matured, before we arrive at a stable stage of foundation and consciousness, it is always worthwhile to receive guidance and wisdom shared by the enlightened ones.

Many people become enlightened after being in a master-disciple relationship, such as Papaji (disciple of Ramana Maharshi), Mooji (disciple of Papaji), Rajneesh (disciple of Osho) and the list goes on.

I’m also an Osho sannyasin. Since the very beginning of my spiritual journey, Osho has always been here guiding me. The mind has the tendency to fall into the unconscious easily, Osho is here to remind me over again and again, to get out of the unconscious. His words and books saved me from many dark nights of the soul.

On my spiritual journey, I also had the opportunity to study with four enlightened teachers in this life, and it is through their presence and wisdom, my energy could shift tremendously in a short time and being put on the fast-track on my spiritual journey. I have also done a lot of work in my previous lives, so in this lifetime, I came prepared and ready. And when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

I have also realised if I were to carry out my designed mission here on earth, I need to maintain the consciousness level of a Boddhisatvva - forgone the final bliss stage of enlightenment in order to carry out missions here. I feel I’m being sent as a Boddhisatvva, not to drowned in my own bliss so much, rather to perform a lot of actions in this physical world. This is the blueprint of my soul. It is my destiny here on this earthly plane, not to keep silent, but to perform actions in compassion in order to help more people to get here. Performing actions from the heart and be utterly unattached to the fruits of the action. I’m here to do my best and the rest is left to the Divine.

The spiritual journey is not for the faint of heart. In order to follow our heart and soul, it requires a lot of courage. Before the dawn arrives, one has to go through a lot of dark nights. In those dark nights, it is always good to receive guidance and wisdom from the enlightened ones, to remind you to be on the path of the heart again, not to drown in illusions and the unconsciousness created by the mind.

A guru cannot make you become enlightened, but a guru can guide you and show you the way when it is needed, the rest is your own effort. Still, if you are earnest on the path, you will meet the right gurus who are here to guide you and be on a fast-track to Moksha.

Even after enlightenment, or people who had experiences of enlightenment, it is still worthwhile to have guidance from people who had been here long before you as one may be so new to this state of consciousness, one does not even do what to do or what happened. The mind will try to figure out, then realise there is nothing to figure out. It simply is. Also, some could experience a sense of complete emptiness and meaningless with this physical existence, unless they know that they are here to serve the Highest Good of humanity. The valuable insights from Souls who are more advanced or whom had tracked the path before you could greatly help.

I also realise I sleep so much less, as I don’t identify with the physical body anymore. I don’t need much sleep and I sleep and eat at random hours, only when I feel the need. I live much more spontaneously but have very high energy all the time. I feel if I don’t create, there is almost no point for me to keep living in this human existence. So my mission is that of a Bodhisattva.

~ With Love & Blessings ~