Set Your Highest Soul Standard to Call Your Highest Soulmate


~ A Channeled Message from the Divine Feminine ~

Dear Beloveds,

There are many soulmates in this plane of existence.
Always trust that there will be one or even a few for you.
Do not be afraid to set your highest Soul Standard to call in your highest soulmate.

Please remember that you do not need to compromise any aspect of your being to be in any relationship.
You deserve the highest spiritual partner who is loyal, loving and supportive, who is willing to walk the path to enlightenment with you (if that’s what you are looking for).

The way to call your highest soulmate is very simple.
There is no need to seek outside.
Please remember whatever you seek is always already within you.

You only need to attract your highest soulmate by your way of Being.

Be the best version of yourself, embody your Highest Self.
Be the Ultimate One that you want to attract.
Be your own Shiva.
Be your own Shakti.

In this Universe, everything is energy.
Everything is frequency.
You will also attract the soulmate who vibrates on a similar frequency like you.
As you keep evolving and expanding your consciousness,
it is possible someone whom you were attracted to in the past, you no longer felt attracted, because now you are vibrating on a different frequency.
Let go of all your past, cut off all your past karma,
Start afresh, start anew, purify
In each and every moment.

Always remember you do not need to seek outside.
Everything is already from within.
You are already whole and complete as a Soul being.
Embodying unconditional self-love so you can vibrate on the frequency of unconditional love, pure love & light
Vibrate on the frequency of pure devotion to Divine Love
People who vibrate on the same frequency will respond to your frequency, that’s how you attract your highest soulmate.

No neediness, no fear, no attachment.
You know deep down what your Soul worths.

Dear Beloveds, you soul worths the best in the Universe.
Embody unconditional self-love
Embody unconditional self-worth
You are the Goddess in this human existence.
Call your God like a Goddess.

If you are here for enlightenment,
So will you attract the soulmate who is here for the same purpose, who is here to help you evolve to the highest level of consciousness, to serve Truth, to serve Love.


Recently during my ayahuasca journey, I perceived someone as my soulmate and twinflame. But then I realised what I really perceived was the frequency and vibration when we first met - a very high level of frequency. Now when I came back to “reality”, I realise the person whom I was perceiving as my twin flame was not exactly vibrating on the same level of frequency in this reality. For me, Ayahuasca shows you what it is like when you are in an enlightening state, Ayahuasca shows you the truth on the highest level of frequency, which can be quite different from this low dimensional reality.

Also I realise the concept of twin-flame is really all about consciousness and frequency, not really about a particular person, but a particular level of of consciousness. I hold unconditional love for him, but he is not my highest soulmate in the moment, so I will have to let go, which is quite easy to do. I love him unconditionally but I’m not attached to him. I know what I’m here for and I have embodied the highest level of unconditional self-love.

We are made of frequencies which resonate in a certain bandwidth, according to our level of consciousness. We attract persons who resonate within our wavelength. If our consciousness expands, those people we were resonating with may move off our radar, while new persons may appear who are in alignment with who we have become in our new level of consciousness. In other words, we may have the experience of one or more deep loves in one lifetime, depending on how much our consciousness shifts and transforms and whether our partner or partners shift and transform in the same way or not.


Dear Beloveds, have no fears to set your highest Soul Standard to receive your Highest Soulmate.
Trust that when the Divine timing is right, everything will unfold naturally.