Life After Enlightenment (Part 2)


“Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.
After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”

- Zen proverb

*Disclaimer: I write this article fully aware of the limitations of the human language. The human language shall not really be used by the enlightened ones to describe anything, especially things like enlightenment (perhaps I will invent an enlightened language in the near future). Whatever I say here is not personal, the “I” is not here. My personality is not here, but individuality still remains. And individuality is also the universal.

I feel like sharing a bit more about life after enlightenment here (which has been just more than one week). On the surface, my outer life does not seem to change much yet, I’m still doing what I have been doing before, still “keep chopping wood and carrying water” :) But the main difference is that whatsoever I do, I no longer identify with it (again, the “I” is not here). So I can literally do many things, as there is no identification and attachment to the fruits of any of my actions.

My Goddess assistant couldn’t understand how I could do so many things at the same time. I feel like running four companies all at once (my own events, ecstatic dance, Melbourne tantra festival, and my soon to be launched online program and goddess festival, also my poetry and book…) When you become a pure vessel of the Divine, inspirations just keep pouring for you and you can manifest limitless abundance in this physical realm. As my path is in the world, that’s why creating and serving the Highest Good is the only purpose of my existence in this physical realm now. And whatever I do is all divinely guided. It is no longer “I’m doing” (although it may look like so on the surface).

I totally understand those who have become enlightened and whose paths are not in the world, why they would rather discard their physical bodies than keep living in this physical existence, as there is no point, unless you are here serving humanity, of course, one can also serve in the other realm.

When one becomes enlightened, one is fully and acutely aware of all illusions in life, but I also find the illusions beautiful (one is not attached to any illusions, but one appreciates the beauty). One becomes like a newborn baby, seeing the world and illusions with fresh eyes without attachment. I remembered I went shopping for the first time after enlightenment and I felt like I was totally in a movie, seeing everything as if they were the first time.

I also started talking to the snails in my garden, talking to the flowers, grass and observing the strange clouds on the sky…I feel very much like seeing the world for the first time.

One also becomes fearless. I can do many things all at once, because there is no fear. No fear of failure (one can no longer fail anymore when one becomes enlightened as there is nothing here to identify what is “failure”?) Failure is also another illusion identified by the mind.

I also remember one month ago when I was in Peru, after my powerful ayahuasca ceremony, I was in enlightening state for almost one week (before my permanent state came). I was taking the flight from Pucallpa to Lima, and it was perhaps the bumpiest flight I took in my life. Many people began to scream on the plane. I was however not affected in anyway. I just smiled and sending out loving prayers to all people on the plane. When one has no mind, one has no fears. Death is also the most misunderstood phenomenon in this physical plane, as Death is purely an illusion. The physical body may die, the soul keeps living on, but that is another article.

I also feel like I have infinite energy and can do many things at once. Also nothing in this physical existence can bother me anymore. That’s why enlightenment shall be the ultimate goal of all human existence. If one wants to obtain liberation, moksha, then one has to become enlightened, there is no other way. The higher consciousness you evolve, the less suffering you will experience in your life (less identification with the mind), when you become enlightened, there will not be any identification, and you are free from all sufferings, all karma.

A few days ago, I got locked out accidentally from my apartment, living everything inside, and I was only in pyjama, but again, there was no identification. The mind did not say “This is bad.” It simply is. So I had the pleasure of sitting silently in the lobby, gazing the busy road outside and absorbing in this pure essence of the vast emptiness while waiting for the locksmith. One can remain totally in the world but not of the world.

Also I had not experienced any rise of sexual desire or even the thought of sex, as I explained in a previous article, all energy becomes transcendent and one’s awareness is transcendental awareness, so sex really becomes insignificant in one’s life. The enlightened ones do not need sex anymore and are free from all sexual desires. Now, this is truly another level of liberation and bliss.

To most people, sex is perhaps one of the most pleasurable and blissful thing. But I guarantee you when you become enlightened, the kind of bliss, joy and peace you experience is another upper level kind, and you will not be interested in sex. Tantra is about the transformation and transcendence of sexual energy. It is known as the royal path and a fast track to enlightenment, but some people can also get stuck in the pleasure of sex and never get the chance to transcend. I will write an article about this. If you are an earnest seeker to enlightenment and eternal bliss, then do not get stuck in any temporary pleasure, when you experience the Ultimate Truth, you will know what I’m talking about.

I also feel it is much worth to speak up about enlightenment (despite running the risks of being misunderstood), rather than to keep silent and make it seem mysterious. When enlightenment is discussed more often and more openly, that is when more people have the chance to understand and have much more chance to become enlightened in this human existence. Also to obtain enlightenment is actually a bit overrated, as enlightenment is nothing mysterious and it is our birthright and also our natural state. If I can, you can too, in fact, we all can. Like Buddha said, with the right effort, right actions and also Divine Timing. You will arrive too.

~ With love & blessings ~