Why Enlightened People Choose to be Silent

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The dilemma for enlightened people is that whatever you say, you will be misunderstood, also you cannot explain it, there is no way to explain it.

For instance, if you say to others, “I’m enlightened.”
Others will tell you you are not yet, it is your ego thinks you are, but don’t worry, one day you will get there.

(I receive a message somewhat like this. Such remarks are expected. The moment I decided to speak openly about enlightenment, I’ve foreseen comments as such and all the “troubles” I would create for myself. But that’s also the fun part, I love “creating troubles”, to play deeply in this game of illusion. I appreciate all messages, remarks, comments and concerns.

I simply laughed, as there is really nothing left in me that could possibly be “worrying about anything” and I also could not be bothered to explain anything, just thank the other person’s concern, as again one cannot explain the unfathomable. Now I feel even for people who are enlightened, if they do not see the other person in person, they may not know for sure either, as words often create misunderstandings)

If you say, “I’m not enlightened,” but then you are not telling the truth.

So indeed the wise strategy is to always remain silent. That’s the only way not to disturb any people and also for one to live very peacefully in the world (but again, if you are enlightened, you are also not disturbed by anything and can live peacefully no matter what happens on the outside).

And whatever you say, as soon as you say it, it would seem false and contradictory.

For instance, if you say “I know”, there is no “I”, so who is here to “know” anything? It is the pure consciousness who is witnessing, so there is also nothing to know. But in human language, it would be almost impossible to start with “I witness”, and again there is no “I” who is witnessing…

So the human language is really not made for the enlightened ones to describe anything at all. If you say something, you will be immediately contradict yourself. That’s why so many enlightened people have been misunderstood throughout the centuries (particularly Osho).

And I finally understood why so many enlightened people choose to keep quiet and stay silent, and why enlightenment is deemed as such a mysterious phenomenon as no one wants to talk about anything.

It is so much easier to say nothing than say anything. To say anything would almost seem foolish. It’s much easier to just go and live off on a mountain or even discard the physical body and exit the physical plane, than being here explaining to others about what happened, it is way too much effort to explain about anything and to explain the unfathomable, the unexplainable is almost a mission impossible. So why bother?

But then again, every one has their own dharma. My dharma is here to speak about it (and I have not chosen the dharma, rather it has chosen me). Again it is not whom “I’m speaking", but rather, it is guided by the Higher Force that I would have to speak about it (there is no “I”, just the pure consciousness directing me to speak or not speak).

When enlightenment happened, you are only a pure witness of whatsoever is going on in your life, and every moment is spontaneous, you are being guided by something (again, there is no “you” here). You do not really choose to do anything, you just do it as it is completely guided by the Divine.

Again, I feel I cannot keep on saying anymore, every sentence appears false. Lao Tzu is indeed the wisest when he said “Truth cannot be uttered, when it is uttered. it is false.”


“The Tao which can be reasoned is not the Eternal Tau.
The name which can be named is not the Eternal Name.

Non-existence is named the Antecedent of heaven and earth;
and Existence is named the Mother of all things.
In eternal non-existence, therefore, man seeks to pierce the primordial mystery; and, in eternal existence, to behold the issues of the Universe.
But these two are one and the same, and differ only in name.

This sameness (or existence and non-existence) I call the abyss — the abyss of abysses — the gate of all mystery.”

Alas, I wish I could be as eloquent as Lao Tzu, to utter truth in such a graceful way.

On one hand, I feel it is important to discuss about enlightenment. On the other hand, I also feel it is almost pointless to discuss it and better to remain silent. From now on, it is perhaps wise for me to just keep quiet and not talk much about it openly. But again, I cannot decide on such thing, everything is spontaneous and guided by the Divine. When it comes, i talk. When it stops, i stop.

~ With love & blessings ~