FAQs on Enlightenment (Part 2)


Disclaimer: I write this article fully aware of the limitations of the human language. The human language is not used for the enlightened ones to describe anything, but since we are living in this world, I will have to use language.

For instance, when I say “I”, the “I” is no longer here, and there is no more identification with the “I”, so even if I say “I’m enlightened”, the “I” is actually not here. When I say “I want” or “I don’t want”, it’s not a personal desire. When I say “I need to” is not a personal need. When the “I” is not here, nothing is personal here.

I feel it’s important to make this very clear, so hopefully one knows that one’s sharing is not coming out from the ego or “being stuck in wisdom” (when you are enlightened, the ego is dead), but an overflowing from the consciousness. The human language indeed creates many misunderstandings.

(This apply to all articles I write after enlightenment)

Lao Tzu was absolutely right to say that "When the truth is spoken, it is false.” Indeed, Truth and the Ultimate cannot be said or described. Words make everything powerless or create many misunderstandings even, however, in order to serve the masses, one has to use words and language. Even Lao Tzu decided to write Tao Te Ching before he went off to the mountains and never been seen again.


I am indeed new to the state of enlightenment, and will go deeper myself to experience this state of full bliss. But the way for me to go deeper, is ironically to share everything. I don’t want to leave anything unsaid about enlightenment, including how it happened, before, after, shortly after and perhaps long after. When enlightenment is discussed like financial success, when more people start craving for enlightenment like they crave for money and power, then that’s when the world will have more enlightened people.

Also I choose to write down everything because I foresee there will be lots of questions about this in the future, so let me write everything out first and I don’t need to repeat myself in the future.

Also I choose to write and share everything because I want more people to know that enlightenment is actually closer than most people think. Enlightenment does not just belong to the mystics and sages and I know two of my teachers are enlightened and a few people in my life are actually very close to enlightenment (when you are there, you could feel other people’s levels of consciousness), but sometimes they try too hard and that bring them further away from their natural state. Enlightenment happens at a state of total relaxation and a state of total surrender to what IS.

Also I choose to share openly so people who have the same experience can reach out to me and share more about their journey and perhaps people who have already enlightened for a very long time can also provide more insights into this.


  1. A friend asked me recently she had also recently experienced something similar state of enlightenment and asked if this was enlightenment.

If one is enlightened, one knows. There is no need to ask anybody for confirmation. If you are unsure, then you probably have not arrived. When you have arrived, there is nothing more certain than this. When the mind becomes total silent, when the self has dissolved, this is not a small event and when it happens, one knows.

It is also easy to experience glimpses but glimpses are not enlightenment. Enlightenment is a permanent state.

2. Is Enlightenment a gradual process or sudden?

It is both.

The incident when it happens is sudden and spontaneous, and one can never know when. It could be the next moment or tomorrow or many years down the track. When this happens, it is sudden. It happens at Divine Timing, just like everything else in life.

However, the whole process to enlightenment is also gradual. Although we are all born enlightened, but it is also a lot of effort to shake off conditionings, to fully return to our natural state. This could be many lifetimes’ process.

3. Why some people attain enlightenment suddenly without any previous contact to spirituality.

This is because of their good karma. They must have done a lot of work themselves in previous lives so in this lifetime, it is quite easy, or even effortlessly. Everything is karma. I have done many work in my previous lives, so in this life it also seems relatively easy (but rest assure, the past five years of awakening had not been so easy).

4. Will the mind try to come back?

I noticed on the day of my enlightenment, in the evening, there was a moment when the mind tried to come back, just that moment I saw the mind wanted to come back, but it couldn’t because the gap was already too big, and it totally surrendered after.

5. How are you feeling after enlightenment?

There is actually not much feeling. It is a bit like being a state of emptiness, being in the void. On the first day, one does not know what to do, it seems like living and death are the same.

But my dharma is pretty much here to serve and share to the masses, so when enlightenment settled, I again come back fully to embrace life and keep going on doing what I’m doing, in effect, I have so much more energy than ever as my soul mission has never been clearer (there is no more soul mission by the way, but simply here to create, I use this word for convenience), and a lot of manifestations happen instantly.

Now I’m getting used to the state and I notice that there is a deep bliss arise from my being, whether I’m talking, walking, cooking, working, dancing or singing. Everything feels so blissful. Every moment in life is indeed filled with bliss.

An enlightened person will not experience any stress, anger, doubt or anything negative feelings or emotions. That’s why enlightenment is the end of all suffering and the ultimate goal for all human souls. And also that’s why many enlightened people on the planet seem like avatars and they can do so much but never feels tired or overwhelmed or stressed about anything, because they have never identified themselves with whatsoever they are doing. They are simply witnessing what they are doing, and they are also here to embody as much light as possible on earth. They can move through the world and doing everything but detached whilst still keep their compassion for all the people who are in illusions.

6. Do you still have dreams after enlightenment?

No, there are no dreams, as the mind is no longer here, so all dreams stop. But you have visions and inspirations, which are overflowing from the consciousness.

7. Do you know all your past lives when you are enlightened?

No, and that’s not the point either. The most important point is this life, in the HERE NOW. I have some memories of some of my past lives but not all and it’s also not important.

8. Can you describe this experience of pure bliss or perfect happiness?

When I say pure bliss, it’s more like a state of serenity, peace and calmness, it is a cool kind of bliss, not the passionate kind. One does not get passionate or overly excited about anything, as one has no mind, also there is no personality. One can be anything but one is not identified with any personality. It’s simply bliss arise from your being and independent of anything else. You are not affected by anything external.

9. Does that mean you know everything after enlightenment?

No. Enlightenment simply means one realises the self. One knows the self but one does not know everything. The future remains a mystery. One also lives in the here and now. One lives spontaneously and will not worry about anything in the future. But one does not know what the future will unfold. The future remains a mystery. Life is grand mystery to be lived. Every moment is a mystery and that’s the beauty and fun of it :)

10. If there is no mind how can one go on doing about anything?

The mind is here if one wants to use it. But mostly one creates from the consciousness, all my writing, talking, working are all from the consciousness. Mind is here to transcribe. Mind is a mere instrument and fully cooperative with your consciousness, your being. It feels like there is no mind, because there is no longer any contradictions, no fear, no anger, no ego, no negative thoughts, no negative emotions, your mind and consciousness merge into one.