Why is Osho the Most Misunderstood Enlightened Master on the Planet


Osho is the most controversial and misunderstood enlightened masters on the planet. This is mainly due to people's preconceived ideas and misunderstandings of what enlightened people should do or not do.

Enlightenment simply means being in the HERE NOW permanently and enlightenment means seeing reality as IT IS.

When you are in the here now permanently, it doesn't matter whether you are poor or rich, whether you live in the mountain or a luxury resort, whether you have little possession or 90 Rolls Royce.

When you are in the here now and see reality as it is all the time, then you are enlightened.

1) The Rolls Royce

People have problems with Osho possessing so many Rolls Royce and think he's not enlightened.

Please understand Osho never thinks himself possess anything, he also explained in his discourse here. An enlightened person does not need anything. These are simply gifts given by his disciples and he received them out of compassion, as it brings joy to his disciples.

Also, I feel he wants to make a point that an enlightened person can be overly rich too (again, enlightened people transcend all limits and he or she can do anything).

And another reason could also be that if he merely told people he would be talking about meditation, probably not many people would come. But when he had 90 Rolls Royce, everyone came including the main media as they were so curious, and then he started to talk about meditation and that was how transformation could happen on a mass scale (I stayed at Pune for a while and heard this from one of the organisers from Pune about it and it made sense).

He himself never considers himself possessed anything. An enlightened person does not identify himself with anything, he or she can have many things but there will be no identification.

2) Rich Man guru

He is also known as the rich man guru. This is needed. All kinds of gurus on the planet are needed. The rich, the famous and the powerful (the business men, the politicians, the bankers and professionals...) are the ones that need to be awakened and be enlightened the most, as they control most of the systems and resources on the planet.

When these people are awakened, they can help create a much better world.

For awakened and enlightened people, it is totally fine to have both beautiful inner and outer worlds. The outer beauty is also a manifestation of the inner beauty.

Also, it would be difficult for rich people to go and live in a cave in the Himalaya and get enlightened. It would be much easier if they go and stay in a beautiful retreat centre, so the physical is taken care of and they can immerse themselves in meditation and spiritual studies.

Also wouldn’t it be beautiful to create heaven on earth here so we don’t have to go anywhere searching for heavens, wouldn’t it be beautiful for spirituality to be life-affirming rather than life- denying?

3) The Wild Wild Country

The documentary the Wild Wild Country is in no way reflects Osho's teaching. The entire documentary does not mention anything about Osho's teaching, rather it only focused on the dramas created by other people such as Sheela (Sheele was not enlightened, so for people like her it could be easy to let money and power take over and let the ego to be in control). Osho was largely in silent at that time and had no involvement in it. The documentary was more about Sheela and drama than about Osho and his teaching.

4) the Sex Guru

Osho is also known as the sex guru as he encourages free love and exploration of sexuality.

This is Osho's method. Please understand there are many paths to enlightenment , just like there are many paths to Rome and all enlightened people teach differently with their own styles.

Osho is a tantra master. Tantra is about the transformation and transcendence of sexual energy. In order for the transformation to happen, one needs to first understand one's sexuality as sexual energy is extremely potent. When one understands, then there's the opportunity to transcend.

Of course, the polar effect or danger is for people to fall into the trap of desires and never transcend. That's why tantra is known as the higher path and for people who have already had some foundation in meditation, otherwise, a lot of people will just be stuck in the desire and never have the chance to transcend (even for people who have been meditating, but the temptations may be so big and they stay stuck in the desires).

Osho himself does not make love so much (again from his talk) because there's no need and he was largely a bramacharya (an enlightened person does not need to have sex, although he or she can have sex). You can read about it here.

So please do not judge or make assumptions so easily on who you think is enlightened or not, unless you become enlightened, otherwise, it is all speculation. When you become enlightened, you will know who's here too, instantly.

But I can also understand why people judge because minds love judgment. Before my enlightenment, I also had the tendency to judge, but when one judges, it does not actually say anything about the other, rather, it says more about you. What is it in you that is judging? What is it in you that is perceiving?

If you judge people who are rich and think money is all evil, is it because you have a blockage on money, is it because inside you perceive money as negative? Your judgments only reflects what are in you, not so much about others. Everything you experience in your life reflects something about you, not on the outside. The outside is simply a mirror.


Ps. I'm also not here to defend Osho. I’m not interested in defending anything or anybody. I’m only here to speak the truth. I'm again unattached to anything including my guruji (as I don't need any guruji from now on), but I'm grateful for Osho's teaching and there are quite a few people who became enlightened because of Osho’s teaching (myself included). And I see how people really misunderstand him, so I feel like sharing the other side of the story.

Of course, no matter what I say, people will probably keep on judging and keep on misunderstanding as we can only understand things from our level of consciousness, just like we can only love from our level of consciousness.

And none of this bothers me. My job here is to say what I feel like saying.

~ With love & blessings ~