Why I Choose to Speak Up About Enlightenment


Some people may think if you are enlightened, then you should perhaps largely be silent and not talk about anything, otherwise you are not enlightened.

That Is not true. When you are enlightened, you transcend anything and everything. You no longer identify with anything you are doing, hence, you can do anything.


I choose to speak up about enlightenment for a few reasons:

1) I am reincarnated as a female body in this life. Not sure if you have noticed, most enlightened masters here on the planet are men, at least the ones we know from the public eyes. It is an interesting phenomenon, why don’t we have more female enlightened masters?

This is because throughout all human history, the feminine has largely be repressed. Females suffer much more than men. And to stop all suffering in life, we cannot blame our miseries on the opposite sex, it does not work like that. It is necessary for more women to be awakened and to become enlightenment if we want to end our sufferings.

When one woman become enlightened, she can help more women to be awakened and enlightened, and of course also help more men. Enlightenment transcends all gender. When it comes to enlightenment, it doesn’t matter what gender, what race and culture you are from, the chance is all here for us. And I’m here to be an example, to show you the possibility.

Also, I come from a culture that women have largely been repressed for many many centuries and I feel it is almost my duty to speak up, to bring back the Divine Feminine, the Goddesses and Priestesses who were here before us but have also been largely forgotten. This is the age for the return of the Divine Feminine, that is why I need to talk about it (again there is no “I”, everything is guided from the Divine).

2) When you become enlightened, there is no need for you to seek anymore, you have learned all your life lessons. It almost becomes like there is no need for you to live on anymore, you are just unnecessarily hanging around unless you are here to serve. That’s why a lot of yogis discard their physical bodies when they become enlightened.

For me, there is also no difference if I am living in this physical body or not, but my dharma is here to serve and for me to serve, I have to share all my experiences, hopefully it can help some earnest souls who also want to become enlightenment in this life to get there.

Since I choose to live on earth here, then I have to speak up. Enlightenment is not something people talk about commonly (if at all). Enlightenment has largely been remained as a myth and some religions make enlightenment seem so unattainable, so difficult and perhaps almost impossible.

This does not need to be the case. I believe enlightenment should be discussed, when it is discussed, more people can understand how. And when people understand how, the whole process becomes much easier. Of course, when we discuss enlightenment, we are also fully aware of the limitations of human language (as they are not really made for enlightened people to discuss things like this).

From my experience, if you are really an earnest seeker on the path, if you really desire enlightenment in this life, it will happen to you one day, when the divine timing is here.


I will host my first satsang in Melbourne on

17 Nov at Ashtanga Yoga

You can view the details on facebook here

I will also do more online Satsangs in the very near future

With Love & Blessings