FAQs on Enlightenment and Common Misunderstandings on Enlightenment


In this article I talk about perhaps the frequently asked questions on enlightenment and some misunderstandings on enlightened people:

1) How do you know for sure if someone is enlightened?

The answer is you need to become enlightened yourself. Don't make judgements or assumptions so easily on whether you think this person is enlightened or not. One knows when one is here. When you are enlightened, you know instantly who's also here. 

Also, there are many paths to enlightenment and all enlightened people are different, yes they all share the same deep silence within, but they are also different and very individual. One can be very poor and possess very few items and live in a cave as a Himalayan yogi, one can be very rich and live in a resort and own 90 Rolls Royces like Osho. But they are all enlightened beings.(in fact, Osho never consider himself own anything as an enlightened person doesn't identify with anything) 

I feel Osho is perhaps the most misunderstood enlightened master on the planet because of people's misconceptions on what enlightenment means. The people who think Osho is not enlightened is simply because they are not enlightened themselves. 

I will write an article about this because I feel I really understand Osho as his sannysin in this lifetime and previous lifetimes.

2) Do enlightened people need sex?

No. Enlightened people do not need anything and most enlightened people are naturally bramacharya this is because we are no longer identify as body mind, all energy and awareness simply becomes transcendental awareness. 

Although enlightened people do not need sex but they can have sex (but they will not identify with it while performing the act). Enlightened people transcend everything so they can do anything. They can make love to others out of compassion but they do not need it for their own bliss. They don't need anything for their own bliss. They have arrived at the state of perfect happiness. 

3) Do enlightened people need to be vegetarians and vegans? 

No. But most enlightened people are naturally vegetarians and vegans out of compassion because we don't want to hurt any beings and the understanding of the law of karma (but when you are enlightened, you are free from all karma and the cycle of life and death).

However, some enlightened people can also eat meat, like some Tibetan Buddhists who live in a very cold condition in the mountain and they have no choice but to eat meat. 

4) Can enlightened people become unenlightened?

No. When you arrive at the full final state of enlightenment, there's no going back as the gap is simply too big to go back (also when the self has dissolved, it cannot come back). 

People who claimed they became unenlightened after have not arrived fully at the final permanent state of enlightenment, only glimpses or very close to full enlightenment. 

When you arrive in the state of full enlightenment, its permanent and no going back. And you know when you are here.

Ps. Also I've noticed one's body has become quite weak after enlightenment as one no longer identifies with the physical body and biology. That's why some enlightened people get sick or become ill when they are enlightened (Osho, Buddha...) . Also they can become quite vulnerable as they perceive so much, all energy and vibration and all information become very clear. 

With love & blessings on your journey

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