You Attract What You Are


The law of attraction
is the constant law
of the Universe. 

You attract what you are.

Everything is energy; 
everything is vibration. 

If you feel your current partner
is not satisfactory,
or you can't attract
an ideal partner,
then perhaps it is
wise for us to
look within instead of
constantly seeking outside. 

Our partner often
acts as a mirror. 
Through our partner,
we can understand
ourselves better. 

When you complain
the other is not good enough,
first, observe your own thoughts: 
think about why
I attract this particular person, 
or this particular kind of relationship
into my life in the first place. 

Why can't I attract
better people
into my life?

Everything starts
from within. 

Our outer manifestation
is simply a reflection of
our inner world. 

Everything is related
to our inner world. 

Observe your thoughts:
do you think because
you don't deserve someone
better, so you'd rather
stick with someone
who you think
is actually not very ideal at all. 
Or do you think
you will not meet
any good partner
in this life. 

In fact, if we want to
attract better people
into our life,
we don't have to
seek outside, 
to go to all the parties etc. 
All we need to do
is to improve on ourselves. 

To improve ourselves
in all aspects of life,
to raise our energy
and vibration. 

The law of attraction is
the attraction of energy and

When your energy and
vibration is raised,
you will naturally
attract better people
(i.e. more compatible people)
in your life. 

Whether they are friends or lovers,
the law of attraction applies in
all aspects of our life, 
including our financial situation. 

So what does it mean
to raise energy and vibration? 
That is, to have positive thoughts, 
positive attitude in life,
to do things that bring you happiness,
naturally your energy and vibration
will raise. 

And when one day you finally feel whole and
have become a full circle,
you will naturally
connect with another full circle. 

This kind of love
is very special. 
It is not codependency
nor attachment or possession.
It's nurturing each other,
to share the beauty of life together. 

So if you want to
attract better people
into your life,
all you need to do
is to invest in yourself,
to improve on yourself,
and to realise your true self. 

You attract what you are.