You Don’t Need to Imitate, You Are Already Perfect


It is my firm belief that every one of us is gifted with unique talents. It's just a lot of time we may not notice, or even if we notice our talents, we may choose to ignore them as by pursuing our talents and doing what we really want to do with our lives may seem quite different from how success is commonly defined in our society. 

I think it is time for us to delve deeper into what success actually means. Does conventional success (i.e. money & power) actually brings that much happiness in our life? In Arianne Huffington's bestselling book Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder, she urged the immediate need to redefine success in today's society. 

"We have been living under a collective delusion for a long while now that burnout is necessary for success, that if you really are serious about succeeding, building a company, climbing the career ladder, then you just have to accept that’s going to require burning the candle at both ends."
(Arianne Huffington in Thrive)

Many people strive for the two traditional metrics of success: money and power. In Thrive, Huffington argues in favour of an equally important third metric consisting of four pillars: well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving.

I can not agree more. After all, what is success without wellbeing? What is success without wisdom, wonder and giving? How can one be content with just money and power? I grew up in a relatively wealthy family, and I have seen people with money and power all my life, rest assure that many of them are not really the happiest people I have seen in my life. In fact, most of them are quite miserable. 

However, I have also noticed that there are other people, a very small percentage of people on earth who seem to have achieved success in all areas of life - not just materially, but also physically, mentally and spiritually. They are really the happiest people I have seen in my life. This is the success I desire in my life, and I have come to realise the only way to achieve this is to be myself. 

Yes, there is no need for you to imitate, nor to compare, all you need to do is to be yourself, to uncover your unique talent and treasure, to unleash the forces within. Just be yourself, my dear, that's enough. 

God is actually quite fair. When he closes a door, he will open a window for you. It's just a lot of time we spend too much energy focusing on the closed door. Always looking at the outside, seeing how others succeed, always comparing or imitating.


Do not forget that you are unique. You are gold. You are the treasure awaiting for you to uncover. (If you have already discovered, then I congratulate you!)

Once you have uncovered the treasure within, you will come to know how utterly special, precious and beautifully unique you truly are - not in an egoistic or narcissistic way though. Ego likes to compare - ego says I'm better than others. Self-worth and self-confidence, on the other hand, come from within, not by comparison. 

I think the only way to live a successful life by the new definition is to turn our attention inwards, to listen to the voice within, somehow the wisdom of the Universe is stored there, it will tell us exactly what we should or should not do. 

Also trust that you are here for a purpose. There are things that the Universe actually wants to complete through you. Once you discover your purpose and talent, then you will know what you need to do with them. However, if you keep ignoring your inner voice, then you probably cannot uncover the real treasure within. 

The world needs your special talent. 

Now is the time. 


You self-doubting mind might think: But I don't have any special talent, I am so average. I love writing, but surely others write better than me; I love dancing, but surely others dance better than me; I love photography, but surely others take better photos than me etc. 

Sound familiar? Well guess what, the standard you set for evaluating your self-worth by external comparison is completely wrong. The thing is no matter how average you think you are, you still have a unique aspect. And although maybe the same thing has been done by hundreds of thousands of people before, but when it is being done by you, it will still be different. After all, there is only one YOU in this entire Universe. 

Everyone has unique style and different style attracts different people. Even when two different teachers teach the exact same subject, the subject will still be taught differently due to the styles of the teachers. 

So, there is really no need for you to compare, thinking you are not good enough. All you need to do is to be yourself, to own your style, to develop your own voice, to unleash all the forces within, and trust deeply that the Universe has your back, you can do it. 

I believe this is the path of creating a meaningful life, the path of self-realisation. 

Also when you are utterly relaxed, your unique style will come to you naturally. The most important thing is to be yourself in every moment of your life. 


Tips for uncovering your unique talents & life purpose

Observe your hobbies, meditate often, tune in with the inner voice. Asking yourself what you enjoy doing, what makes you happy, what things you do that give you good energy, and at the same time also gives others good energy. What things you are willing to do even if you don't make money -  then you should do them more. 

Also, what things you do that you can find meaning in it. You find that by doing these things, you can create meaning in your life,  at the same time helping others. 

Endeavour to build a career based on all the things you love. This may take a long time, but because you love it so much, so it doesn't matter how impossible others (including your self-doubting mind) may think, you will not give up easily.

In fact, you probably don't even think it is strenuous, because when you are doing all these things, you feel like you are fulfilling your purpose, you are on the path of self-realisation. You are full of passion, positive energy and love. When you don't do these things, you will feel life is a waste. 

(To me, spiritual writing, spiritual practices and travelling etc. are all the things I love and am passionate about, so I am building my career based on all these things I love. I also know that to help more people awaken through different mediums is the purpose of my life, so by doing what I love, I feel I'm fulfilling my purpose and my life is meaningful.) 


You too have a unique purpose that is

awaiting for you to uncover,

and you know you can do it. 

There is no need for you to imitate, 

You are already perfect. 


If the light is in your heart, you will find your way.

- Rumi



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