How Do You Know You Might Be a Star Seed


Have you ever felt lonely or alienated? You think differently and act differently. People around you can't really understand nor relate to you and vice versa. What seems to be commonsense conventional standard to most people, seem rather bizarre to you. A lot of times you feel like you do not belong here and you have a sense of homesickness.

If you also feel like that sometimes, rest assure that you are not alone, and you may very well be a star seed. Star seeds are beings that have experienced life elsewhere in the Universe and on other planets in non-physical dimensions other than on Earth. Star Seeds may also have had previous lifetimes on earth. 

Star seeds are highly evolved souls that have an unfathomable amount of wisdom hibernating in their core. Starseeds experience a total amnesia as to their true identities, however, each is encoded with an activation switch. Each “awakening” is unique and can range from measured and calm to abrupt and intense. When activated, Star seeds don’t need to be told what they are, they inherently know. They recall their purpose on earth and where they’re from with no explanations needed. They are usually sent here to complete a type of mission, or they may have personally chosen to be here for a specific purpose.


1. You have a deep interest in spirituality. 


It's likely that you have experienced an awakening and you have a deep interest in spirituality. You tend to start walking on the path earlier in your life. 


2. You Don't Fit In. 

You are acutely aware of the matrix, all the social conditioning the society is imposing on us. You don't fit in in the conventional society. You think and act differently. Some people think you are crazy. Most people can't really understand nor relate to you. You have very few friends, almost a lone wolf. However, when you meet other star seeds you can recognise them instantly, often have an instant connection, and you know you can open up to them. 


3. Conventional standards are never your standards. 

You are a natural deep thinker. You think independently and don't follow the conventional standards. What seems normal to others may seem rather odd and bizarre to you. For instance, you cannot deal with 9-5, the conventional routine. 


4. You are highly sensitive and intuitive. 

You are highly sensitive and receptive to energy. You can feel the energy of others (or the place) when you walk into a place. You are also highly intuitive. You trust your intuition and have an inherent deep knowing. You often follow your intuition. 


5. You have an urgency to "save the world". 

As cliche as it may sound, you know you have a mission on earth. You are here to wake up more people and help raise the vibration of planet Earth. You are an empath and feel the suffering of other beings. It's likely that you have recalled your purpose and you may very well be on the path of fulfilling your mission.  


6. You are gifted with supernatural abilities. 

You are gifted in the areas of healing, chanelling and psychic abilities such as telepathy. You often know what people are thinking or what they want to say before they say it. You can also see people's auras, feel the presence of other spirits. 


5. You are always fascinated by anything extraterrestrial.  

You may have encountered UFOs in your life (I have when I was 17), and you always feel drawn to outer space, outer planets, stars and the Universe. You also like science fiction. Anything extraterrestrial related will make you feel intrigued, fascinated or even a sense of familiarity. You feel you don't belong here on Earth but you are only visiting here briefly. You are a bit homesick when you look at the night sky and think about the Universe. 

To understand more about star seeds, you can read here. In your childhood, you may also very well be an indigo, crystal or rainbow, all are star seed children. To read more about this, you can read here

Me as a baby, looking all worldly and a bit concerned about how I ended up here... 

Me as a baby, looking all worldly and a bit concerned about how I ended up here... 


PS. Also, to say someone is a star seed, is not really to separate people. But rather, it helps you to understand why you feel differently and it is totally okay to feel different, to be different. 

I know I'm a star seed, I don't feel I am from Earth, although I have experienced some lifetimes on Earth, but deep down I know I'm from another planet. I'm also almost certain that this will be my last lifetime on Earth. I have also recalled my mission on Earth since my awakening. Once I complete my mission, I will be going home. 

Don't ask me how I know, it is just an inherent knowing. It's like when you love someone, sometimes you can't quite fathom why you love this particular person (no logical explanation), but it is an inherent knowing, or when you sense something is not quite right, you just know. 

In fact, I'm currently writing a novel exactly about that, it's a novel that's been channelled through me (not that I think about how to write it). 


'The world is your playground'

Be joyous & playful

Love, Peace & Bliss