The Paradoxes of Life, Love, Human Nature & Existence


Life is full of paradoxes, love is full of paradoxes.
We want to experience this intense deep connection with someone, a soulmate, a twin flame, honouring the divinity in each other, showering each other with roses, drowning in kisses, enveloping in sultry blankets, retreating into a cocoon of love;
Yet we also want to roam the world freely, unhindered by attachments, spreading our wings like eagles, soaring high in the sky.
We value deep connection, intimacy, security, commitment, also desiring absolute freedom, venturing into the unknown fearlessly, the transcendent, the elastic expansion into the infinite.


Life is full of paradoxes; love is full of paradoxes.
We say one thing but think another.
We want to love out loud, to express our love freely, to declare it to the world,
but we also don't want to love out loud, displaying our love too eagerly and boldly.
We want to be honest and frank about our feelings,
yet we also don't want to be too honest and frank about our feelings, understanding the impermanence of all.


Life is full of paradoxes, love is full of paradoxes.
We think we love, and then we don't, and then we love again.


Life is full of paradoxes; human nature is full of paradoxes.
There is a man in a woman and
A woman in a man.
The divine masculine and divine feminine constantly infusing,
intermingling, weaving the dense and intricate web of human nature.
At times, the binary gender identities may not
serve us well in defining who we are.


Life is full of paradoxes; human nature is full of paradoxes.
We want to achieve worldly success, believing that we can do it all and save the world,
yet we also want to reach this zen-like meditative state, the wu wei, the art of doing nothing, the peacefulness of being.
Like a calm and composed cat, gracefully lying on the floor with her eyes half-open, wagging its tail, living in the moment, existing in harmony with its surroundings, witnessing the world goes by nonchalantly.


Life is full of paradoxes.
We live in the social construction of three-dimensional reality,
the mundane, the matrix; we are trapped in this limited physical body, conditioned by our cultures and belief systems; confined by our five senses, time and space.
On the other hand, we are also the omnipresent consciousness, infinite light beings, the creators of everything, we can tap into this mysterious multidimensional realm by will,
like Alice down the rabbit hole, transforming our reality by changing our mind,
hacking into the flow state, reconstructing our reality, mastering stream of consciousness,
accessing the infinite potential of the unconscious mind.


Life is full of paradoxes,
The only certainty is that nothing is certain,
change is the only constant.


Life is full of paradoxes,
so are our contradictory personalities, volatile tempers, emotions and behaviours.
Our courage and vulnerability, contradictions and convictions,
indecisiveness and determinations, numbness and sensitivity. 
Our light and darkness, happiness and sadness, enjoyment and suffering;
the extrovert and the introvert, the bold and the shy, the wise and the naïve, the sophisticated and the innocent, the rebellious conformist.


Life is full of paradoxes.
The more we learn, the more we realize how little we know,
about ourselves and others, the mysteries of the Universe.
I thought I knew, but the truth is
I know nothing.


Alas, life is full of paradoxes;
Love is full of paradoxes;
Human nature is full of paradoxes;
Existence is full of paradoxes.
What to do?


Wise woman:  

Why the need to reconcile
Them all, looking troubles for yourself?
Why not just relax
Into all the paradoxes, relax into being, and just Let Go
And Surrender and Accept
And Embrace!