2018 New Year Resolution: Living in the Present

In the past, I always like to 

write down many wishes and

resolutions for the new year: 

In the new year, I should do 

this and that, 

I should reach this goal and 

that goal etc. 


Although a lot of times,

I could accomplish the goals, 

I always felt something was missing. 

Whenever I reached the goal, 

I felt happy, 

but the happiness was fleeting. 


If you are too goal-oriented,

then you may miss

enjoying the moment,

and you may very well

unknowingly block the surprises

that life wants to bestow on you. 


When you keep walking further 

on the spiritual path,

you will naturally want to experience

more inner freedom, 

the joy and surprises of 

living spontaneously,

and the bliss of living in the moment.



So last year, I decided

my new year resolution was

to "live in the present". 


"Living in the present” 

does not mean you do nothing.

A lot of people may misunderstand

the true meaning of 

"living in the present",

thinking that is just 

an excuse for the lazy people. 


"Living in the moment" actually means to 

live according to the heart, 

to live life spontaneously,

to create spontaneously,

to dance to the beat of the heart,

to be an artist of life. 


When you truly 

"live in the present",

you will discover that 

your life will become

much more abundant. 

You manifest much more 

than what you have initially planned,

and life is always 

full of unpredictable surprises. 


Thanks to "living in the present",

I think 2017 was by far 

my most expansive year - 

both outer and inner. 


Thanks to "living in the present",

I travelled to ten countries

(India, Nepal, Iran, Malaysia, China,

Cambodia, Turkey, Spain, Greece & Dubai)



Thanks to "living in the present",

I wrote two poetry books, 

and published my first poetry book on Amazon. 

I also started writing a novel. 


Thanks to "living in the present",

I had a few romantic connections,

also meeting past life soulmate

and solving karma. 

At the end of the year,

I met a soulmate with whom

I could grow together spiritually. 

(About spiritual soulmate,

I believe one can have 

many soulmates, not just one. 

Of course, if it is twin flame,

then that's another matter. 

I think I haven't met my twin flame yet,

only soulmates.

This is because I have only recently experienced

dramatic spiritual growth (perhaps

a spiritual breakthrough)

and I have deeply felt that 

I am now complete. I don't need

anyone to fulfil my life,

I'm whole and complete. 


From then on, 

I know all I need to do is to share the love

I think I might meet my twin flame

very soon, or maybe the soulmate

 I am currently with,

can also transform into twin flame,

depending on the evolution of 

our spiritual growth. 

But it's all fine, the thing is that 

I don't need to know yet,

life will uncover itself, naturally.) 


So, when a relationship ends, 

it is not necessary to feel pity or 

experience too much pain. 

You need to know that all you 

currently experiencing, this person 

you are currently with, is only here

to teach you, to help you 

grow spiritually during this period. 

Once the lesson is over, 

then it can be natural for 

this relationship to dissolve. 


About 'growing through love'

I feel I have a lot to talk about, 

maybe I will write another article

about it. In fact, my second poetry book

'this Eternal Romance' is entirely about

growth through love)



Okay, back to living in the present - 

at the beginning of 2017, I would

never have thought about

travelling to ten countries 

(I only briefly planned on

the retreat in India and volunteering 

in Nepal).


I also did not think about 

writing poetry or publishing any book,

(At that time, I only started 

writing some poetry, and putting some

online, but after a while, 

I just started writing more and more). 

I also did not think about

writing a novel

(I went to a spiritual festival in a forest in Australia,

and the inspiration came),

and meeting my soulmates etc.


All in all, everything happens spontaneously,

creating spontaneously, 

planning spontaneously 

(this may sound like an oxymoron, 

but when you plan,

you really only have a rough plan, 

a plan for the moment). 

Always listen to the 

calling of the heart,

to live with an open heart in order to 

receive the best gifts from the Universe. 


In 2018, my wish is still the same - 

to live in the present,

to follow the flow of the Universe,

to be open to receive 

the gifts of the Universe,

to live creatively and 



You might ask 

if I have to go to work everyday,

how can I live in the moment?

I have a family to feed,

how can I live in the moment? 


Actually, living in the moment

is more of an attitude towards life. 


Even if you have a plan 

for the day, you can still 

live in the moment. 


For instance, you know you have

 three things to do today, but you don't 

necessarily have to plan to do 

which one first. 

You can ask your heart 

what do you most feel like doing 

in this moment. 

If your heart wants to do the fourth thing 

in this moment, then you can 

also allow it to happen. 

And maybe after doing the fourth thing,

you can come back to 

finish the other three things. 


Or you have planned to cook 

pasta for dinner,

but all of a sudden you feel like

making pizza,

then you should make pizza. 


Anyway, you should always try to do

what your heart most wants to do

in that moment,

not what you have initially planned to do. 


For instance, I initially 

thought about writing my novel when I woke up,

but then I heard my heart

saying it wanted to write an article

about living in the present in 2018,

so that was what I did first,

to catch the inspiration in the moment. 


I will always prioritise what my heart most

wants to do in this moment. 


Only when we try to live spontaneously,

to create spontaneously,

our life will become

much more interesting and 

much more meaningful. 

You will discover that 

when you follow your inner calling,

what you get will be much 

more rewarding than what you have 

initially planned for. 



Although I say I live in the present

in 2018, it does not necessarily mean

I don't have a plan at all,

I do kind of have

"a plan in the present": 


For instance, I want to publish 

my second poetry book,

to translate my first poetry book 

into Chinese, to finish 

my first novel in English,

to go to Bali and Thailand,

perhaps also do a retreat in 

South America, to host

sacred women circle etc. 

I have also grown fond of 

spiritual travel photography,

so I might combine that as well. 


This is just a rough plan -

a plan in the moment.

I don't really have a  

specific timeframe about 

when I should finish what etc. 

And if I feel inspired that 

I want to do something else,

which may disturb my original plan,

I will also allow it to happen. 

Because I know inspiration is a way 

that our soul is trying to communicate

with us. 

I respect my spirit,

I respect all the spurs of the moment,

all the decisions on a whim. 

(not in a completely illogical and 

unpractical way though)


I respect my precious spirit and soul, 

I will follow their guidance

before I do anything. 


Follow your inner voice,

to live in the moment, 


That my dear, 

I think it's the only way 

to live a soulful and creative life.




My debut spiritual poetry book 

Songs from the Soul 

is now available on Amazon, 

You can also order it here.

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love, peace & bliss